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Muchachomalo Underwear | New brand launch at UNDERU


Now, it is time to get excited. We know that we are. This is a brand launch that we have been dying to launch and the time is finally here. Muchachomalo underwear is most famous in the Netherlands but it has been expanding its audience for years. So, we are proud to be able to provide them to our customers here in the UK and our international customers.

What is Muchachomalo Underwear like?

Muchachomalo underwear here at UNDERU was created by the hands of real artists. The artistic punch smothered onto these pants are truly unforgettable. We have hand-selected a great range for you to try. Whether you have a secret love for rock and roll, or a love for The Lion King, or if you have a young boy who loves superheroes, Muchachomalo have what you never knew you needed. Say goodbye to boring underwear for good.

Who are Muchachomalo?

Muchachomalo is a Dutch brand founded in 2007 which creates unforgettable wearable art. Using real in-house artists, this brand stands out from the crowd by crafting detailed and adventurous designs that display a different message with every collection. This brand is known to ignore trends and to explore more extravagant and shocking designs that are positively exciting. Muchachomalo inspires men to never truly grow up.

In every man there is a "Bad Boy"

- Muchachomalo

Muchachomalo Boxers...

We have carefully chosen a selection of your favourite underwear styles. Firstly, the boxer trunks. This is a known favourite for most men out there. This is because boxers are designed to be supportive, snug and super flattering on the body. Whilst we know this is a firm favourite for most of our customers we also wanted to include some boxer briefs. Boxer briefs have a slightly longer leg to give you even more comfort and support. Also, lets not forget about the little ones. Our choices for the boys boxers are brilliant too.

Both Muchachomalo underwear styles are ideal for any activity. Muchachomalo have spent time perfecting their designs for optimal comfort even after many washes. The fabrics used are a nice blend of cotton and elastane so that the underwear has a great stretch to them. The materials are premium quality so that the beautiful art does not fade when washed at the right setting. Genuinely, they have thought of everything.

Now, I hope that this has made you just as excited as us. Buy yours now here at UNDERU

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