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Top 12 Men's Underwear Brands in the UK


Leading underwear website can now reveal the best selling men's underwear brands in the UK. Based on sales figures for last month, the UK's best selling underwear for men is Versace, shortly followed by Dolce & Gabbana. And from a quick glance at the below graphic, you can see that the Italian flag dominates the top underwear brands.

Bestselling Men's Underwear Brands UK 2021 UNDERU

Golden threads sparkle in no.1 Versace underwear

The Versace name simply oozes luxury to everyday looks, and thanks to UNDERU's collection of Versace men's underwear the 'fish-&-chips-loving' British man can elevate his look suitably!! With perhaps the low of a pair of low-riding jeans allowing his iconic Versace waistband to peak out. Symbolising eternity, the Greek Key features heavily across the collection. Greek key golden threads interwoven either side of the stunning Versace Medusa logo is the most popular waistband with UNDERU's customer base.

Iconic Versace Underwear Greek key logo waistband
The Iconic Greek Key Versace Undewear waistband (Code: 19505)

The Italian underwear brands dominate

The Italian flag is flying metaphorically high in British men's underwear drawers this year, with 6 Italian brands in the top 12. Whilst both Versace and Dolce & Gabbana sit pretty at the top, Emporio Armani and Diesel underwear are popular with the British man right now. Add to that both DSquared2 and Ermenegildo Zegna, then that is exactly half of the top men's underwear brands coming from the home of the Vatican, Michelangelo, Vespucci, and the beautiful Carla Bruni.

Best of the rest

Made famous by Marky Mark and his funky bunch in the 1990's, Calvin Klein continues to sell a lot of underwear at UNDERU!! UNDERU's stocks the largest collection of Calvin Klein men's underwear anyway in the UK, and the brands continues to go down well with the British man. Sales were recently hurt by interruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, so watch this space to see whether CK can move up the ranks in the future.

Whilst his tennis racket has long since been retired from use on the world stage, Bjorn Borg's underwear is being picked up at a lick by UNDERU customers. The brand's underwear brand offers everything, from bright colours, vibrant and interesting prints, to performance-enhancing technical sports underwear.

And though it is difficult to travel to the country right now, a pair of HOM underwear can bring a touch of the 'bonhomie' or 'joie de vivre'. Renowned for their cutting-edge fabrics, HOM is a brand that really has a lot to offer for the British man, and can take him to warm, sunny climes that other brands can't!!

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