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Panos Emporio | Jump into spring feeling utterly luxurious...

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What's new to UNDERU? Panos Emporio men's underwear, swimwear, and clothing takes the centre spot. Explore this new clothing collection if your dare... But, fair warning! You may find yourself splashing the cash before your own eyes. No, but seriously, this is an exciting new brand that we are happy to introduce just in time for spring. Although, the pieces in this range are definitely a year-round thing.

Find pieces with intricate details and outstanding designs, expertly finished with precision by the hands of excellent craftsmanship. So, is it worth the investment? Not only will you recognize the high quality fabrication, but you will also feel remarkable. After being founded by Mr Panos Papadopoulos in his home country, Sweden, the brand has continued its commitment to consistent expansion and improvement. Now, the brand is found globally. Panos Emporio underwear and clothing mixes classic couture with contemporary edge. Dare to be different and feel perfectly luxurious in our new-to-UNDERU brand!

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Firstly, Panos Emporio boxers are the epitome of luxury underwear. Here at UNDERU you'll find a variety of fabrications, designs and classic colours. Some designed for breathability. Whereas, others are designed for unforgettable comfort. Take your pick! Choose from cosy merino wool, classic organic cotton, or serene bamboo. All featuring a super stretchy waistband for support, some with striking contrast branding, others with more discrete logos. Available in the most sought after boxer trunk style. As well as a classic boxer brief fit which has a slightly longer leg. Some find the boxer brief fit to be even more supportive and comfortable than a boxer trunk. If that is even possible... However, both options will have you feeling and looking great. Also, all Panos Emporio men's underwear is presented in recycled paper packaging. We love a bit of sustainability!


Next, we simply can't go on without mentioning their clothing section. Panos has expanded their creations even further with a selection of clothing lines. As spring slowly jumps on us it's almost time for that spring clean you've been putting off all year. A glorious time to improve the pieces in your drobe. And, a time to finally give up on that item you haven't worn in two years. We have hand picked a range of comfortable clothing items including men's jogging bottoms, shorts, t-shirts, polo-shirts and hoodies.
I hear a head-to-toe Panos outfit in the making... All of the collection is designed with the wearer in mind. And, all perfect staple items that will get a lot of use. An investment worth making. In fact, you can find luxurious fabrications, divine detailing, and a variety of classic colour options to choose from.

Fancy a change? Click HERE to browse. Also, it must be mentioned that this is only the beginning for Panos Emporio at UNDERU... Expect this range to grow throughout the year with even more luxurious wear to choose from. Perhaps this may become your new favourite attire. Now that's an idea.

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