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Versace Boxers | David Beckham spotted in Versace


Versace boxers. We love them and clearly celebrities do to. Victoria Beckham recently posted a taboo social media post of David Beckham's behind. The famous booty post presents David laying oh so elegantly in a glorious swimming pool. While making us all jealous of his luxurious lifestyle, we couldn't help but spot his underwear choice. The Versace Greek style waistband stands out like a sore thumb and we love it. The former professional footballer is a firm lover of the Versace brand and has been spotted numerous times in a whole selection of Versace pieces. Find an extensive range of men's Versace boxers here at UNDERU. You too can live your life like a celebrity.

A picture of David Beckham wearing Versace boxers in a pool
Victoria Beckham's post of David Beckham and his bare butt with the caption: "Happy Sunday, you're welcome"

Why pick Versace boxers?

It is simple. Versace, a luxury brand known all around the world for it's impeccable Italian craftmanship, could be in your possession. The above social media post was extremely popular with men and women from all walks of life. Seriously, people are in awe of David's butt. If Beckham can wear Versace, why can't you. Versace men's boxers at UNDERU are available in a huge range of multipacks as well as single packs. In fact, the multipacks offer some great value. Also, sales are a person's best friend when buying a luxury brand like Versace. You will honestly feel like you are stealing from us when our multitude of Sales launch throughout the year.

I want what he's wearing...

Perhaps you want to wear exactly what David is wearing. Luckily for you, you absolutely can. In fact, the Versace boxers that David Beckham is wearing are part of Versace's essential's range. Consequently, these are available all-year round (stock permitting). This is a very popular option and it is available in a 3-pack as well as a single pack.

A screenshot of a popular pack of Versace boxers

VERSACE3-Pack Iconic Low-Rise Boxer Trunks, Black/gold Code: 17989

Although, our extensive range does not stop there. Find the Versace medusa logo waistband that David loves on many more colour options such as white, grey and navy. Versace boxers are crafted from premium fabrication for a comfortable and supportive fit. The super stretchy branded waistband adds a ton of support and feels super soft on the skin. What's not to love?

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