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Men's Designer Swimwear Sale | Luxuries for less


Men's designer swimwear can be daunting for some. The price tag is hiked up high. Yes. But for good reason. Our new men's designer swimwear sale here at UNDERU will be the helping hand you need to get those top brands for way less. Whether you are new to buying premium swim shorts or not, our swimwear sale will be your new best friend. Our swimwear collection is extensive and packed with amazing pieces. From Ermengildo Zenga and Versace, to Replay and Hugo Boss, we really have a piece for everyone. Our new men's designer swimwear sale is bound to help you pick out a new fave for less this Summer.

Men's designer swimwear sale at UNDERU

Is premium swimwear worth the price?

Firstly, lets talk prices. The all important factor for most buyers out there. Are these men's designer swim shorts really worth the price? As a stockist of premium menswear we of course believe strongly that it is definitely worth it.

Attention to detail

You will find that designer swimwear packs quality unlike cheaper brands. For example, our men's swim shorts are crafted by experts. The premium brands we stock have been around for a long time so they really know how to bring an idea together, and do it with attention to detail. Often you'll find little branded details such as metal eyelets or the ends of a drawstring tie. This just finishes it off nicely and makes the piece look and feel more expensive. Of course, with most designer pieces you'll find logos in all sorts of ways. Some more discrete and some completely in your face. To some, logos aren't important. For some the discrete logo designs feel more sleek. However, that's up to you to decide.

Premium Fabrication

Next, fabrication. This really takes your basic swimmers to a whole new realm. Men's designer swimwear is designed by experts. Experts that really have the wearer (you) in mind. Who wants to wear a scratchy swim short that sags on the body, takes ages to dry, or has no, or an uncomfortable, inner lining. No one ever. So, our designer swim shorts, swim briefs, and swim trunks, all pack superior quality that really makes the price tag worth it.
In fact, with our designer men's swimwear sale, the price is definitely worth it. You'll see a bunch of options in our swimwear selection. Each will differ qualities slightly across different ranges and brands. But, within that you'll find some buttery soft swim shorts. These feel as soft as a peach yet somehow dry miraculously fast. You'll find more of your classic polyester materials across our collections yet they're still very comfortable on the skin.

Long lasting

It's safe to say that when paying a premium price you'll expect the product to last you a long time. Generally, you can pop your luxury swim shorts in a normal wash. However, to get the absolute best out of your new swimwear we always recommend following the washing instructions as labelled on the garment. This can make your new piece laast even longer. Our men's swimwear is designed specially to hold onto the colour and keep all details in tact. Therefore, you won't ever have to experience re-buying swim shorts because your bright red swim shorts now look pink.

A price tag worth investing in. As mentioned may times before, our stock here at UNDERU is designed to last you a long time. Men's swimwear is no exception. Wash and store your swimwear correctly and they will last you a life time. A lot of our premium swim shorts even come with a handy waterproof carry bag for easy transportation.

A screenshot from our men's designer swimwear sale

What is available in the men's designer swimwear sale?

So, what prices are currently available at UNDERU? Our men's designer swimwear sale is well underway. It includes all of our top brands such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Versace, Puma, DSquared2, Franks, Zenga, and so many more. This price slash makes buying luxury swim shorts an absolute steal. With up to 60% off you can't go wrong. While the price has been brought down don't forget that the quality remains high.

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