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Didier Drogba and his underwear signs up with!!

On the day that it is officially announced that Didier Drogba re-signs to work with Jose Mourinho at Chelsea, the Ivory Coast legend signs up with!! Yes, the leading men's underwear website has just signed up Drogba & Co underwear!! With the help of renowned men's designer underwear specialists HOM, Didier Drogba has just launched his very own men's underwear range - self-titled Drogba & Co. And to support the work of the Didier Drogba foundation, 1 Euro will be donated to his charity from every pair of pants sold. All of the lines from the Drogba & Co. by HOM underwear collection is fabricated in a luxury combed cotton and spandex mix. And due to its longer-length fibres, this high-quality cotton feels far softer on the skin whilst is also more robust and better wearing than traditional cotton. Each Drogba underwear line features an ultra-soft black microfibre waistband bearing the Drogba & Co logo, with a number 11 at the base of the leg - reflecting the number on the back of the legend footballer's shirt. And inside the hem of the boxers is a stretch mesh which provides support without exerting any pressure on the leg. Didier Drogba himself said: "I'm very proud to announce the launch of my underwear brand . The first underwear brand that will be launched to support a foundation, my foundation, The didierdrogbafoundation. By producing my own line of underwear I’m able to achieve two goals; to design a fashionable men’s underwear range, and to create a product that will directly support my charitable foundation - to aid in healthcare and education in the Ivory Coast." We hope you like our latest brand, and we think that Drogba & Co underwear will get on the scoresheet in your underwear drawers very soon!! Didier Drogba models his pants at Drogba's trophy assets at

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