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Pink Menswear | It's National Pink Day!


Happy National Pink Day! So, today, Friday 23rd June, is a day where people all over the country are celebrating the colour pink. A light shade of red worn and loved by billions of people. People are encouraged to wear something pink today. Some people even go all out with a head to toe pink outfit! However, this day should not be confused with International Day of Pink (April 14th) or with Wear It Pink Day (October 23rd). In this blog post I will also be taking a look at some of our perfectly pink menswear available here at UNDERU.

Pink Menswear Day?

No, not really. But, what better day to buy some? In this post we will be exploring what pink day is and why buying pink menswear today is great way to celebrate it.

What is National Pink Day?

So, where did this celebration come from and why do we celebrate it?

National Pink Day is celebrated every year on 23rd June. But, there is actually no record of it beginning. Therefore, it is unknown who started this celebration or even when it started. However, it is celebrated for good reason. Not only is the colour pink just a nice colour to wear, but it also holds a bit of history in itself. As seen written on, "The word "Pink" was first used to refer to the colour in the 17th century after a Dutch flower of the same shade that was named "pinken".

Although pink is associated with feminity, it wasn't always the case. During the 20th century, pink was more of a masculine colour and blue was more of a feminine colour. This was because men in England wore red uniforms, and so small boys would be dressed in the paler hue of red. When pink became seen as a more feminine colour, there was an unspoken rule that men shouldn't wear it. However, in recent years the stereotype has been well and truly broken, and more men incorporate pink in their clothes and accessories." National Pink Day is a great way to celebrate this change.

Pink Menswear at UNDERU

So, why not treat yourself to something pink from us here at UNDERU today. Gift it to a friend or keep it for yourself. We have a wonderful selection of pink goodies to pick from. In fact, find a boastful range of colourful pink socks and swimwear, and bright pink men’s underwear and hats. UNDERU really do have a fantastic range of pink menswear to choose from.

Here are some of our unmissable pink menswear products that are superb for National Pink Day 2023

Pink menswear example 1
REPLAY Stretch Pique Polo Shirt, Neon Pink
Code: 25065

Pink mens socks example
DUCHAMP Heel & Toe Bamboo Socks, Raspberry Rose
Code: 24288

Pink mens underwear example
SAXX Drop Temp Brain Freeze Boxer Brief, Brain Freeze Coral
Code: 23985

Pink mens hat example
VERSACE Large Logo Baseball Cap, Pink/silver
Code: 23124

Was £285.00. Now £213.75

Those above are a tiny snippet of our pink items here at UNDERU. Our selection is extensive. Thus, explore the huge collection today while stocks last!

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