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Joop Underwear | NEW TO UNDERU Spring/Summer '22


Time for a spring clean? Underwear is one of those items in your wardrobe that you probably need to refresh. I'm sure almost all of us can relate to accidentally hoarding old clothing that we definitely won't wear again but in the back of our minds we think that perhaps it will come in use one day. I am here to be the voice of reality. Throw those decade-old undies away. Those undies too small for you are cluttering up your drawer. Similarly, those loose and faded undies will never go back to how they once were. It's time for a spring clean this year and its time to take care of your downstairs in the right way. Joop men's underwear can do that for you.

Why buy Joop men's underwear?

Generally, every man's life will improve when wearing a new pair of Joop underwear. Truly, the list of benefits is endless. However, some important examples to mention include the following. Firstly, the improved support "down there" will promote a more positive mood and improves overall productivity. Next, the enhanced mobility from the upgraded stretchiness will result in you leading a more comfortable life and will significantly improve your mood. And finally, the flattering fit of the Joop underwear will have you feeling confident and looking spectacular.

Joop underwear here at UNDERU is a wonderful addition to our underwear range. Find absolute staples including Joop men's briefs and Joop men's boxer trunks. We have hand picked customer favourite colours such as grey, black and white. Fabricated from a blend of cotton and elastane for a soft and stretchy fit. Joop underwear is available in great-value multipacks. All paired with branded and elasticated waistbands which hold everything in place.

What a difference these pants will make from your old and loose fitting undies.

A screenshot of the current joop underwear currently available at UNDERU.
A small snippet of the current Joop underwear collection here at UNDERU

Since spring really is right around the corner I am pleased to say that a new Joop underwear selection is due to arrive any day now. These new products involve the same impeccable features as mentioned above. However, find them in new colours and prints. Perfect for spring/summer.

More on the brand

For those of your that don't know... Joop! became a designer label back in 1986 by German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop in Hamburg, Germany. You may already know Joop! because of their globally famous fragrance range. However, the Joop! brand carries its excellence through their clothing range too. The brand gained worldwide recognition when they developed the first pink fragrance for men. Since then the brand has continued to thrive in both the fashion industry and the fragrance industry.

Shop the new Joop collection HERE.

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