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Men's Underwear Christmas Gift Guide


Look no further, our men's underwear gift guide is here...

Men's underwear is always by far one of the most popular Christmas gifts for him, but deciding on what style of underwear is somewhat more tricky.  As always, we like to make it easy for you here at UNDERU and after the success of our men's underwear gift guide last year we have again decided to split the guide into into three personalities, with some fabulous gift sets included too.

Our chap the “Trendsetter", knows a thing or two about style.  He knows what's the hottest trend of the season and isn't afraid to wear it at every opportunity.   He favourite men's underwear designer is the likes of Bjorn Borg underwear and Dolce & Gabbana underwear for their bold patterns and colours.

The “Gregarious Gent“, is the life and soul of the party.  He loves nothing more than being the centre of attention and his underwear choice reflects that.  He looks for sexy cuts and striking styles and his preferred underwear designers include Versace men's underwear and HOM.

Our “Classic Minimalist" isn't a slave to trends and knows exactly what suits him.  He prefers muted colours and classic cuts and always looks for comfort as well as style.  His preferred underwear designers include Calvin Klein underwear and Hugo Boss underwear for their timeless style.

We have also selected some of our favourite gift sets, including some rather festive Calvin Klein pyjamas and the perfect stocking filler, Bjorn Borg socks.

Happy shopping!

men's underwear christmas gift guide

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