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Speedo Swim Shorts | The origin of a timeless brand


Speedo swim shorts are one of those brands that can never get too old. Speedos have been around for over a century. Can you believe that? Over the long period of time in existence, Speedo have genuinely perfected their swimwear designs. Each piece is crafted to perfection using designs made specifically for men. Speedo swim shorts here at UNDERU are currently available in a range of styles. So, you can pick the perfect pair for you. Some are built for streamline swimming whilst others are built for leisure.

About Speedo swim shorts

The brand Speedo was actually founded back in 1912 but it was firstly named "Fortitude". Just 16 years later the brand adapted to the globally famous brand name that we know today. Speedo’s long history of incredible swimwear began with a single product. Alexander McRae, the founder, had become super successful by providing the Australian army with socks during WW1. After this he decided to put his earnings back into the firm. This resulted in the birth of the racer-back costume. At the time people would say jokingly “Speed on in your Speedos”. This gave McRae his brand name and slogan to pair. The brand ended up becoming world famous by sponsoring events such as the Olympics in 1932 and 1936.

Speedo Swim Shorts Poster

Speedo Post War

Speedos swim shorts were booming in popularity ever since the racer-back costume was released all though World War 2 and beyond. The brand truly had a hold on the swimwear market. Their products were used and advertised throughout many sport events and were even worn by Olympic gold medalists. As the company continued to grow they started to release more and more products loved by all that bought them. Every Speedo swim short, brief or costume was designed using a range of fabrics and each time the design would top the last one. Also, as not everyone wants to wear tight swimwear they chose to develop collections designed for leisure. This included looser swim shorts and well as general sportswear.

After all that, what is it like now? Speedo swimwear is still extremely popular. In fact, men and woman all around the world adore their Speedo's. Speedo has even drifted towards sports technology and has created products such as waterproof watches.

Features of our Speedo swim shorts available here at UNDERU

  • Durable water-repellent fabric (Lightweightand Quick-dry)
  • Light and comfortable (Quick drying)
  • Pocket drainage system (No clogged up water or sand)
  • Secure fit (Snug and supportive)
  • Fabrication designed for hydrodynamics
  • 100% chlorine-resistant fabric (resists snagging and fading)

So, now you know what Speedo is all about. Why not take a look at our current collection? CLICK HERE.

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