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French Connection Boxers Faves


Known worldwide as FCUK, French Connection finds itself at the top of its game creating classic underwear and clothing styles for men across the globe. French Connection boxers at UNDERU don’t keep on the shelves for very long. In fact, our international customers can't get enough. So let' take a look at our current FCUK men's underwear staples that you really can't go wrong with. And, with our French Connection underwear sale in place with up to 50% off, it is the best time to try.

French Connection Boxers at UNDERU

Our underwear collection here at UNDERU is made up of so many fantastic brands. With FCUK as one of them. Our FCUK men's underwear collection features 13 different multipacks and counting. Each multipack includes 3 cool boxer trunk designs. Each sporting a French Connection logo around the classic elasticated waistband. You'll find logos in various designs. Along with stand out logos, you'll see a great selection of colours and patterns to choose from. We love offering multipacks to our customers because they offer great value for money. Not only do you save some money but you often get 3 different designs all in one pack. Within our French Connection boxers range you'll see all the staple colourways such as blues, whites, greys, and blacks. In addition, you can see fun details within the multipacks such as coloured piping, contrasting details, patterns, and more.

French Connection boxer trunk - men's underwear
FRENCH CONNECTION 3-Pack Stretch Cotton Boxer Trunks, Blue Combination
Code: 20518

Was £28.00 - NOW £21.00

The Brand

French Connection began back in 1972 with the goal to create design-led fashionable clothing. It's safe to say that goal was well and truly met. Now, the brand focuses on creating wearable pieces that "stand the test of time". That's why you'll see such timeless pieces within our French Connection men's underwear range.

In 1997 the famous "FCUK" logo was born. After a British advertising executive (Trevor Beattie) visited the French Connection fashion house, he noticed the lettering "FCHK" in their office. After asking around he found out that it stood for "French Connection Hong Kong". Since the brand was situated in the UK, Trevor Beattie thought of the grand idea to use FCUK for their branding. After this day, a controversial but eye-catching ad campaign was launched which included using the words "FCUK fashion" and the public loved it so much it hit headlines. Since that moment, the brand became universally recognised in the fashion industry.

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