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Happy Socks Socks Calendar 2022 - It's never too early.


"Shhhhh it's too early for Christmas..." Not for us it's not! If like me, you have already started your Christmas shopping, its the perfect time for me to introduce possibly the best Christmas present ever. We've all done the classic chocolate Christmas calendars. And, don't get me wrong, Christmas is not the same without one. However, it's safe to say that fancy Advent Calendars are booming in popularity. Its like the gift that keeps on giving. What better way is there to lead up to Christmas but a proper luxury gift on every single day? That's right. We are talking about the stunning Happy Socks Advent Calendar. We buy these Christmas socks calendars every single year. And, every single year they seem to top the year before. How do they do that? It's like magic.

In fact, this year they have brought out TWO Christmas Calendars for 2022. Both packed with insane value and a superb selection of socks.

Happy Socks 24-Pack Happy Holidays Socks 2022 Advent Calendar

First, let's start off with the classic Happy Socks Christmas Calendar. This Happy Socks Advent Calendar is packed with 24 different pairs of socks. Arguably the perfect combination of Christmas themed and "everyday" pairs. A vibrant pair of socks for every day leading up to Christmas. Arguably the most fun time of the year... at least it will be for your feet. Everyone knows a crazy sock wearer. This is the perfect present for them. Not only do you get a bunch of amazing Happy Socks socks, but you also get to have the thrill of opening the pop out door every day as you would a Cadbury or Lindor calendar. Representing great value on an unprecedented level, this is a great socks gift pack from Swedish designer Happy Socks that is set to smash December out of the park.

Happy Socks 24-Pack The Beatles Socks 2022 Advent Calendar

Next, this is a very special treat this Christmas. However, this is a wonderful gift for any time of year. Calling out for all The Beatles fans, this one's for you! Celebrating the work of arguably the best and most iconic British bands that have ever lived, this brilliant 24-pack features a multitude of iconic Beatles socks. Count down to Christmas with these iconic Beatles's themed socks in a huge variety of designs, some of which are exclusive and are not available separately. The presentation packaging for this one takes this gift to the next level. Find 24 fantastically vibrant socks behind each perforated door. All for an amazing price! Why not take a look at the Happy Socks Special Edition The Beatles Socks Calendar here.

More About The Brand

This exciting Swedish brand was established in 2008 by two friends in Stockholm. Their vision was to spread happiness by transforming an everyday item such as a pair of socks into a colourful design piece made to the highest quality. Presented in impeccably designed collector’s boxes. Our Autumn/Winter 2022 collection this year is outstanding. Happy Socks went with a super fun retro space theme this year so you will find this theme throughout our collection. From space dogs, to aliens, all the way to old flip phones, and vintage cars. Plus, everything in between. That's why we love Happy Socks so much. There really is a sock for everyone. Whether you are treating yourself or a special someone, we hope you love our Happy Socks socks as much as we do.

Available in lovely single pairs as well as multipack gift boxes, ideal for gifting. Thus, what are you waiting for... those socks aren't going to buy themselves.

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