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Tommy Hilfiger Bag | New-In Accessories To Perfect That Summer Look


What makes a summer outfit perfect? The quick answer is you. No, but seriously. How do you create that unforgettable summer outfit that makes people double take? Whilst your main outfit pieces can be "dull" or "plain" the rest of your outfit can bring the flare and style needed for that perfect look. Simplicity is key but its the accessories that will take your outfit up a notch. In this post I will be presenting our brand new Tommy Hilfiger bag s.

New-In Tommy Hilfiger Bag

At UNDERU we appreciate the little things. What I mean by that is that we appreciate the little things you need to carry around with you on a hot spring/summer day. You know what I mean. Those much needed sunglasses, can't possibly forget those. Or, the wallet you put in your back pocket that ends up being SO annoying when you sit down at the pub and feel like you've just bruised your butt cheek. Or, those important car keys that would otherwise bult out your pockets. Tommy Hilfiger gets it. In fact, they have just launched a brand new Tommy Hilfiger bag that pairs impecably with any summer outfit. We have hand selected a few colour choices that we know you'll love. Myfavourite can be found below.

TOMMY HILFIGER TH Estd Mini Reporter Bag, Colorado Blue - CODE: 20789

Made with a blend of recycled polyester, this Tommy Hilfiger bag is super durable with an easy "wipe clean" fabrication. In addition, find on the front the famous "TOMMY HILFIGER Est. 1985" logo embroidery to the front, complete with flag logo. Generally, a lot of bags do not come with zip pockets. However, this Tommy bag does! Perfect for keeping those valuables safe and secure. Not only that but this bag has an adjustable strap which can totally transform the way you use this Tommy Hilfiger reporter bag. Wear on the shoulder for a simple look. Or, slide that strap to its shorter position and wear as a cross body bum bag.

"I do not want a Tommy Hilfiger bag!"

That is ok. We hear you. If you simply can't let go of the relationship you have with your over filled pockets, that is ok. Why not get a belt to keep those shorts from falling off? A Tommy Hilfiger belt is a wonderful accessory to add to your summer look. It keeps up your bottoms for what ever summer activity you are partaking in. And, it looks great. The colour you choose can break up your solid outfit and make you look very stylish. Luckily for you we have a brand-new Tommy Hilfiger webbing belt now live on our website. This is currently available in a classy black colour. But, if you do adore the blue bag featured above I am happy to let you know we will have the matching belt available later this spring!

TOMMY HILFIGER Denton Stretch Webbing Belt, Black - CODE: 20791

All the above information is simply a taste of what we have to offer here at UNDERU. From belts, to baseball caps, to bags, to bucket hats, to wallets... Thus, all the accessories you have ever needed are just one click away! HERE

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