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Bjorn Borg Boxer Trunks at UNDERU | Are they hot or not?


Bjorn Borg boxer trunks are in with the top favourites here at UNDERU. So, to answer the question: Are they hot or not? The answer is very easily YES! We have been selling Bjorn Borg for what feels like forever. The brand is well respected, well developed and well trendy. Bjorn Borg underwear just keeps getting better and better. After years and years of practice the brand have perfected to fit of their pants. Whether you like boxer trunks, boxer briefs, or briefs. There will be a style for you.

Bjorn Borg Boxer Trunks at UNDERU

Bjorn Borg boxer trunks are available year round and come in a vast selection of colours and patterns. As well as that, the majority of our stock includes some insane great-value multipacks. Therefore, you are getting more for your buck. Who doesn't want that? Our new-in stock for spring/summer is boastfully brilliant. As mentioned in a recent blog post there are some spectacular new patterns for you to choose from. Find below my current favourite. As you can see you really get 5 completely different Bjorn Borg Boxer Trunks in one pack for only £55.00. Consequently, that means you will get each pair for only £11. What a steal! For reference you can buy a single pair for £19-£25 so £11 is nothing in comparison.

BJORN BORG 5-Pack Fourflower Print & Solid Boxer Trunks, Blue/Black - CODE: 20619

In particular, I love the use of blue shades here. You get a wide selection of your favourite colour all in one. And, on top of that there is one patterned pair. So, if you are not so sure about wearing patterns this Bjorn Borg multipack gives you the best of both worlds. Plus, a flower pattern is ideal for spring/summer. So, why not give them a try. While spending a long time with the brand I can confirm that we have not yet received one negative piece of feedback from a customer regarding Bjorn Borg pants. There's got to be a reason for that. Find a pair perfect for you today!

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