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Jamie Oliver Boxers: Turns out he is a huge fan of SAXX boxers!


Jamie Oliver on his boxers 'It's like having your b***s cradled by an angel'

Jamie Oliver has revealed that he had 'a revelation' and bought all his male staff members SAXX boxers from his new favourite underwear brand.

Speaking about the surprising move on Ed Gamble and James Acaster's Off Menu podcast, the famous chef, 46, likened wearing the brand's boxers to 'having your b***s cradled by an angel'.

Insisting he had 'no connection' with the company. That uses 'ball park' technology to ensure wearers maximum comfort. Jamie gushed: 'If someone asked one of biggest revelations in the last few years, it's that.'

He explained in full: 'I had a revelation about boxer shorts and we had a moment with the crew. I said: ''What are you wearing?''

'They all pull up their bits and it's Calvin Klein, or what have you. So I bought them all Saxx.'

He continued: ' if you want to have your b***s cradled by an angel all day, every day.

'This is the truth. They have trademarked ''ball park technology.'' I've got some downstairs now.'

Jamie then insisted: 'I'm not trying to get them onto Saxx underwear because it's a cool brand — it's not even cool. In actual fact they're not that cool to look at, I don't think.'

It comes a day after Jamie revealed how he once tried to live up to his 'Naked Chef' name and whip up a meal in the nude to impress his wife Jools - with disastrous results.

Speaking to KIIS 106.5's Will and Woody, the star chef recalled to host Woody Whitelaw how he had scalded his penis while cooking fish on a date with his partner 20 years earlier.

'I did a whole roasted sea bass, and I thought the coolest thing to do as The Naked Chef, would be to serve it naked,' he said.

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