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Lacoste Men's Underwear | That Essential Green Crocodile


Lacoste men's underwear at UNDERU doesn't stop at just men's pants. We have chosen a lovely range of Lacoste clothing that will be an essential part of your wardrobe. Let's not forget that famous green crocodile we all love. Find him on every single Lacoste product. In fact, it is worn by hundreds of celebrities including the likes of Will Smith, Ed Westwick, Brooklyn Bechkam, the list goes on. After popular demand our Lacoste essentials collection has had a re-stock. Find basics such as Lacoste underwear, Lacoste t-shirts, Lacoste Briefs, and more!

Lacoste Men's Underwear : The Brand

Before Lacoste, tennis meant long-sleeve shirts, pleated trousers and belted waists. René Lacoste put comfort front and centre; early on he understood the need for clothing adapted to the task. Defying conventions, he shortened the sleeves of a typical tennis shirt to create the first comfortable polo. For the first time designs were embroidered with a signature crocodile, making them instantly recognisable. Designer Robert George penned the crocodile for Lacoste, and an early fan of customisation, René Lacoste immediately has it embroidered on his blazers.

A picture showing the Lacoste Men's Underwear Logo History from 1933 to 2011.
Lacoste Men's Underwear Logo over the years.

A few years later, the polo sees the light of day. The crocodile over the heart makes Lacoste the first brand to display a visible logo on an article of clothing. Soon, René Lacoste was dressing friends and family in the polo shirt during international matches. Well ahead of his time, he designed the modern wardrobe: light, adaptable and highly desirable. The Lacoste fundamentals were firmly established.

Lacoste Essentials at UNDERU

So, now that you know what the brand is all about lets take a look at what Lacoste is ready for purchase. Your Lacoste underwear staples are a firm favourite here at UNDERU. Generally, you can't go wrong with a Lacoste pair of pants. However, the most popular products seem to be blacks, whites, and greys. Are you a wearer of that green crocodile? Firstly, give yourself the pleasure of browsing our page HERE. While, Lacoste started with their men's polo shirts, the expert craftsmanship and brilliant designing remains across all pieces.

Choose from our glorious essentials and seasonal collections and feel amazing in Lacoste.

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