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A Men's underwear cat burglar is on the loose!


New Zealand Men's Underwear Cat Burglar

A New Zealand cat is stealing men's underwear, bringing home more than 50 pairs of socks and 11 briefs in two months.

Sarah Nathan, the playful cat Thula's owner said "Every morning we wake up to more," she wrote. "I've put notes in every letterbox in the street. Someone must be missing their stuff."

The behavior is not new for the 6-year-old cat, but her exclusive taste for menswear is.  She previously brought home women's underwear, men's underwear and even a hockey shin pad, but now Thula the cat is exclusively in the men's underwear market.

The cat deposits her loot on the end of Nathan's bed or on the doorsteps. Also always getting a complete pair of socks, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Nathan said the items are clean and "crispy" as if they've come off a washing line.

We aren't sure what Thula's favourite brand of men's underwear is but we hope she is a loyal UNDERU customer!!!

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