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Bjorn Borg Men's Underwear for AW2022/23

Bjorn Borg Men's Underwear

Worn everyday, boxers are a fundamental piece in every man's wardrobe. We have two main different types of Bjorn Borg Men's Underwear. Here we want to help to choose the best style for you...

Bjorn Borg Cotton Stretch Underwear (Essential)

Our everyday favourite Bjorn Borg Men's Underwear . An unsung hero with lighter, quality cotton. Excellent comfort and fitting perfectly under whichever trousers you wear. This is an essential part of every man’s drawer. The moulded, reinforced front pouch provides added support and comfort meaning the fit is perfect.  Bjorn Borg's use of bright colours and bold prints make for a visually beautiful collection, and one men return to season after season. The cotton stretch underwear comes in 3-packs, 7-packs and 10-packs. At such fantastic value we love the 7-pack, meaning you have a pair of every day of the week! The 10-pack makes a wonderful gift for him and often comes in a seasonal gift box (so no wrapping!).

Borg Performance Underwear

The brands slogan is "Train to Live" meaning their performance underwear is constructed to let you go further and train better. They have the perfect fit for better performance and feature moisture-wicking Hydro Pro material to keep you dry. Additionally, worn under the brands training shorts they provide support and security during your high impact training.

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