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Sportswear Look Book


Did you know that we sell lots of sportswear here at UNDERU? As a company that sells majority underwear and loungewear you may have missed our sporty items within the mix. Therefore, let's take a look at some of our sporty pieces. Generally, perfect for sporting activities throughout the year. Be that the gym, indoor sports, running, and so much more. From performance underwear and socks to performance t-shirts and shorts. We have got you covered. As well as that, it's no secret that athleisure is a growing in the fashion world. Whether you have actually done sports that day or not, you'll look fantastic in our sportswear.

What is sportswear?

Firstly, before we dive into the clothes do we know what sportswear is? Sportswear put simply is clothing you wear during sports. However, it is often designed specifically for doing sports. Generally, performance wear and sportswear go hand in hand. It is designed to be more breathable, sweat resistant, odour resistant, chafe free, durable, and with ease of movement. Therefore, sportswear is simply enhanced clothes that are there to make activities easy breezy. Or, at least a little easier. It doesn't do your press ups for you or strike a goal effortlessly. That's still up to you.

So, what do we offer here at UNDERU? Sportswear can be worn even during normal everyday activities. This is because an extra breathable t-shirt for example works brilliantly if you are prone to getting hot or if its a scorcher outside. So, if you think this look book isn't for you, think again!


Let's begin with a SAXX shout out. SAXX men's underwear is a prime example of performance underwear. SAXX have created loads of performance collections such as Kinetic HD, DropTemp, Hot Shot, Sport Mesh, and Quest. and even their everyday underwear such as Daytripper, Vibe, and Ultra. Seriously, SAXX is the way to go. However, we have not limited you to just one brand. Therefore, you'll find more brands that offer performance men's underwear such as Puma, Bjorn Borg, BN3TH, and Comfyballs. Performance men's underwear is designed to enhance your performance. Shocker. Thus, each pair is breathable, comfortable, supportive, odour resistant, moisture wicking, and more. To discover more details about particular styles simply click into the product on our website for a full description.


After picking out your new performance boxer trunks or boxer briefs you may want to look at some shorts. Usually, we have quite a few options available here at UNDERU but since we are nearing the end of the season, there's not much stock left. Bjorn Borg is a wonderful brand to shine light on. This brand creates fantastic performance shorts, often with a matching t-shirt. However, this is one of the brands that have sold out! Therefore, keep an eye out for next year's launch. Versace is another great option. There are a few Versace performance shorts available. Similarly to the underwear, performance shorts offer you great breathability, ease of movement, and are naturally odour resistant. The perfect shorts to do sports in.


Performance t-shirts are next in line. A great option for sporting activities. But, also works brilliantly for everyday wear, especially during Summer. Sports t-shirts are superb at keeping you cool.. They are designed with super breathable fabrication stitched specifically for breathability. Performance t-shirts are moisture wicking, naturally odour resistant, and look flattering on the body. When you look good you feel good. Thus your performance is enhanced. We have lots of great options here at UNDERU. With more coming for next Spring. Bjorn Borg make amazing sports t-shirts. These a customer favourite. With simple branding details and expert manufacturing you can't go wrong. And, as mentioned before, you can often find the matching shorts for a full Bjorn Borg sportswear outfit. Versace do some sports t-shirts too, again with matching shorts as an option.
Many people stick with cotton t-shirts for sports activities. And, we couldn't agree more. Especially with some offering UV protection. BOSS men’s t-shirts are a UV protection must. A fabulous Summer option. So, explore our impressive collection of men's t-shirts today.

Sportswear / Athleisure


Next, it's time to talk about sports socks. Sports socks are a very popular option. In fact, it doesn't matter if you are doing sports or not. Sports socks are a breathable sock choice that often has cushioning on the sole. The fabrication and stitching design aids natural odour and moisture resistance. Thus, enhancing your performance and reducing the stink of your feet. Perfect for use during sports. As well as that, sports leisure is a fashionable outfit choice. Therefore, our sports socks are a brilliant pairing to your sporty-looking outfit. We have an extensive range of men's sports socks here at UNDERU for you to pick from.

Which of these looks are you favourite?

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