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The Rugger Polo Shirt Stripes by GANT at UNDERU.COM


After being founded in 1949 by Bernard Gantmacher, an inspiring international clothing brand was born. GANT have carried their bold use of colour throughout the decades by experimenting, implementing and designing different pieces in their fashion range. In fact, during the 1950s colour explosion the brand GANT truly blossomed. 23 years of creativity later, the absolute classic Rugger Polo Shirt was born.

The Polo Shirt

The polo shirt was invented in the late 19th century to keep the collars of polo players from flapping in the wind. What a fascinating creation. Indeed, a polo shirt integrates many more different features:

  • The collar can be loosened easily by unbuttoning the placket.
  • Or the piqué collar can be worn upturned for protection from the sun.
  • Also, the fabric used for a polo shirt is cotton since it is more breathable and durable.
  • Uniquely, the "tennis tail" prevented the polo shirt from pulling out of trousers or shorts when tucked in (This design was invented by René Lacoste and was seen first at the US Open tennis tournament in 1926.)

The Rugger Polo Shirt

The Gant Rugger polo shirt was invented in 1973 and its quintessential name was inspired by the popular sports game of rugby. These polo shirts are easily recognised to this day due to the polished use of colourful and large stripes. Why stripes? The team players were defined by their striped polo shirts so that you can see which team they were on. Even now, rugby polo shirts are prominent today and GANT have not let their use of colour dissipate.

To the right is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wearing the Kennedy collection of 2006. He was featured in the GANT catalogues due to his high popularity. Subsequently, the eyes of high-class Americans wearing casual and preppy fashion, such as GANT were intrigued by the man and his fashion.

To this day, the brand's iconic stripes and sophisticated quality of design dive deeper than the classic Rugger Polo Shirt.

GANT Boxer Trunks

GANT's timeless patterns and neutral colour palettes cover their briefs for a stylish but comfortable pair of underwear. The high quality is not out shined by the intriguing use of design. Breathable and durable cotton fabric gives the briefs that soft and comfortable feeling whilst delivering support. Some pieces are inspired by the Rugger Polo Shirts as you can see on the left.

GANT Socks

Why not take your polished and preppy look to your feet? Focusing entirely on comfort and style, GANT have produced a huge array of options to choose from. Whether you are into bright and preppy colours or more primary colours, GANT have you covered. Here at we offer a tremendous selection.  My personal favourites are shown below and as you can see the famous Rugger stripes continue onto many pieces in the GANT range. Like a Rugger Polo Shirt but on your feet. It just works.

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I certainly love the original Rugger Polo Shirts. They are iconic for good reason. And who would've thought they could stay so popular. Where do you wear your stripes?

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