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French Connection


Find an absolute steal this March with our UNDERU sale. Featuring a mound of French Connection men's boxer trunks. All for an insane value. In fact, every pack is currently a whopping 25% off. Therefore, a pack will offer you 3 designer boxer trunks for just £7 each.. What a steal!

French Connection: The Brand

Founded in 1972, with the aim of bringing fashionable designer clothing to the market, French Connection was born. From this day the soon-to-be world recognised luxury brand began to grow. Creating luxury wear for people across the globe. In 1997 the famous "FCUK" logo was born. After a British advertising executive (Trevor Beattie) visited the French Connection fashion house, he noticed the lettering "FCHK" in their office. After asking around he found out that it stood for "French Connection Hong Kong". Since the brand was situated in the UK, Trevor Beattie thought of the grand idea to use FCUK for their branding. After this day, a controversial but eye-catching ad campaign was launched which included using the words "FCUK fashion" and the public loved it so much it hit headlines. Since that moment, the brand became universally recognised in the fashion industry.

French Connection Ad Campaign example

After that, the brand has continued to inspire people around the world with their trend-driven fashion wear. They design contemporary clothing, accessories, and even homeware. We simply couldn't pass up on stocking them. Here at UNDERU you will find a great selection of French Connection men's underwear, t-shirts, polo shirts, jumpers, and more.

FCUK Boxers Sale

Generally, people love a good sale. That's why I must advise that every single one of our French Connection boxer trunks multipacks are currently on sale. Why wait? Designed for comfort and support. While looking great. Our FCUK multipacks offer you a variety of designs in various colours/patterns. All for a great price. Plus, you'll find each pack in sizes from small to xx-large. Also, these men's boxer trunks come packaged neatly in a branded box which makes them ideal for gifting that special someone. Or, simply perfect for a quick stock up on some new undies.

Take a look at the collection HERE!

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