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Calvin Klein Boxers | Reasons Why Celebrities Love #MYCALVINS


As we all know, Calvin Klein boxers have been around forever. But, why are they so popular with celebrities? A simple answer is that everyone loves them. Not only celebrities. Why? Because Calvin Klein underwear is made impeccably. It is crafted to perfection, using high end fabrics and classic designs that everyone needs in their undie collection. Also, they tailor for both men and women so that everyone is included.

What are Calvin Klein boxers?

Generally, boxers were created for maximum comfort. They are flattering on the body since they have a longer leg than a standard brief. So, the snug fit is supportive, stylish and great for working out. Also, the shape of the underwear does not ride up during wear. Calvin Klein boxers are shaped to be supportive and comfortable on the body. The no-fly shaped front pouch is designed with the wearer in mind. It's shape is made for soft and cosy support enhancing its no chafing properties. Also, the super smooth and thick waistband used on all Calvins provides long-wearing comfort and keeps them up even after many washes.


So, who has been wearing Calvin Klein boxers? The list is actually endless. World famous celebrities and models have partnered up with Calvin Klein to advertise their products. Also, a humungous number of celebs and influencers pose with their undies under the hashtag #mycalvins to show off their garments. This is why Calvin Klein boxers can be found in so many peoples drawers. CK are the most bought underwear here at UNDERU and we are proud to offer them to our customers.

Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss. Back in 1992 he was the face of Calvin Klein alongside Kate. In the 90s Calvin Klein was ruling the underwear industry. Clearly, the brand knows what they're doing. They used smart marketing and stunning models to boast the quality of their underwear collections. Even back then you can see the signature branded waistband that we all know and love today.

Mark Wahlberg & Kate Moss, 1992 Calvin Klein ad shot by Herb Ritts

Why do Calvin Klein use celebs for ads?

Later, in 2009, Jamie Dornan starred in a 2009 campaign for Calvin Klein boxers. Mainly known for his role in the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ film and the TV show "The Fall". Calvin Klein use gorgeous models and celebrities to show off their brand. This is because they are memorable. It keeps the brand in people's memories. Endorsement. The use of the famous face helps to influence the way customers view the brand. When consumers see a successful, beautiful and famous face wearing or using a product, it makes them want to buy the item. This due to the fact wearing a product may make them feel the way the celebrity does.

Calvin Klein Boxers Campaign 2009 shot by Steven Klein

More recently, in 2015, Justin Bieber became the new face of Calvin Klein. He is a huge celebrity to take the reigns from Marky Mark. As you can see, Klein has developed the underwear to suit modern day style. Here you can find the use of a super thick waistband with huge branding all around. This gives some variation to your wardrobe. In fact, Calvin Klein boxers have always been a firm favourite for celebrities around the world. Perhaps they are the most comfortable or flattering fit. The length length slims the leg whilst reducing chafing.

Calvin Klein boxers at UNDERU

We have a huge range of boxers here at UNDERU. We have a great selection of styles, colours, multipacks and sizes. Calvin Klein boxers at UNDERU.

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