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Tommy Hilfiger Men's Socks are quickly becoming one of our favourite ways to wear the preppy designer.

Once socks were just that, socks. Then in the early 2000s, novelty socks became popular. They were adorned with rainbows or animals and showed the world you weren’t a boring type of guy. Then they became somewhat un-cool (were they ever cool?!); more of a “boring Uncle at Christmas” kind of trend, something we all want to avoid.

Recently, the “designer” sock trend has developed onto the runway. While the fun sock is an affordable bit of, well fun. We are now witnessing new versions that are as logo-laden and often, as expensive as a designer t-shirt. Perhaps you’ve spotted Gucci’s double-G-covered socks, or Versace’s medusa logo pair. These are known as “fashion socks.” Tommy Hilfiger socks are a great way of adding a preppy touch to your outfit. Tommy Hilfiger are a historically preppy American designer and it's a look that always features socks with loafers.

You might think Tommy Hilfiger Men's Socks are frivolous, when a black multi-pack of Puma socks costs £8, but the fashion sock business is a big one. Many of the huge fashion houses are now making their socks a cornerstone of their collections, using them as bait to entice new customers. There are some serious margins on fashion socks for the designer.

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