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Emporio Armani Men's Briefs


Can you believe it. Autumn and Winter stock has already started to arrive. Does that mean it's almost Christmas? Eeeeek! Emporio Armani is on their A game as usual. So, what's in this new collection. How does it differ to those previously? And, what Emporio Armani men's briefs and boxers are our favourite picks from the selection so far. With lots more to come it's safe to say that this season will be a huge hit! Thus, lets take a closer look.

Emporio Armani Men's Briefs and Boxers for AW23

A bit early isn't it? Perhaps. But, we're just excited to get these new undies in your wardrobes while stocks last. It is no secret that Emporio Armani boxers always fly off the shelves. As do the Emporio Armani men's briefs. This year we have a great range of items to pick from with a great variety in colours and designs. An Emporio Armani underwear collection wouldn't be complete without a mix of multipacks and single packs. The multipacks adding more value to your purchase while the premium single packs are often more unique and out of the box. As with all fashion collections here at UNDERU, once they're gone, they're gone. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check it out!


Waistbands are an integral part of an Emporio Armani men's brief and boxer trunk. In fact, it's an integral part of any men's underwear. This is because the waistband is elasticated. Elasticated waistbands are super stretchy to help hold up your underwear. The stretch adds comfort to your day as it allows the underwear to move with your body easily. Could you imagine a pair of pants without a stretchy waistband. Sounds hellish to me. Not only is the stretch important, but as is the design. Some people prefer a basic band with discrete tonal logos others love the bold and brilliant vibrancy of an eye-catching band. Generally, Emporio Armani like to provide variety to their bands to suit both preferences. In this new Emporio Armani men's briefs and boxer trunks collection there are lots of options available. So, lets take a closer look at what's available.


Firstly, across the range you'll see the stunning eagle logo that Emporio Armani are known for. So far we have stocked 3 Emporio Armani multipack boxer trunks with the classic interwoven logo around the waistband. These sell out extremely fast so it's definitely time to get your hands on some before they're gone.

After that we chose a variety of new waistband designs by Emprio Armani that make this collection that bit more exciting.

Emporio Armani men's briefs waistband 1

As you can see the above waistband features interwoven branding. The waistband itself is a grey colour with the logo matching the brief fabrication. Thus making it a smooth transition from brief to band. What makes this style different is the navy stripe going all around the waistband. A simple touch that adds some flare to the classic logo design.

Emporio Armani men's boxer trunks waistband 1

After that we have a very colourful option. Similarly to the first option, this one also features interwoven log detailing. However, as you can see the design is different. Firstly, this style has thicker logo lettering which makes it stand out more than the first pair. In addition, there is another colour involved. As you can see there is a vibrant yellow stripe going all around your waist with a mix of navy blue and grey details for the logo. Therefore a very cool design for the season that'll stand out in your underwear drawer.

Emporio Armani men's boxer trunks and briefs waistband

Finally, a blue on blue waistband design. This pair features a stunning mix of blues on the stretchy waistband. An interwoven logo design with a navy blue stripe and a light blue stripe going around your waist. In fact, you may notice this is the same design as option 2 but with different colours. Isn't it crazy what a difference colour choices can make!

Emporio Armani Men’s Briefs & Boxers: Fabrication

Generally, our Emporio Armani men's briefs and boxer trunks are fabricated from cotton and elastane. This is the most common blend of materials used for clothing items such as underwear. Because the cotton creates a breathable environment down there for optimal moisture control. In addition, cotton is a super soft fabric that feels smooth on the skin. Also, the addition of elastane adds a stretchy element to your underwear for a more comfortable fit. The stretchy blend of cotton an elastane creates a bounce back effect. This means that your Emporio Armani briefs and boxers remain supportive and comfortable all day long. And after many washes.

On the contrary, you'll find some Emporio Armani men's briefs and boxer trunks with a microfibre fabrication. Although these are not yet stocked so you'll have to keep your eyes pealed for the arrival. A microfibre blend provides even more breathability than cotton with a different feel. Often microfibre feels buttery smooth and light, fit for any activity.

What else is on the way?

With it being only July, there's still a lot of delivering of new AW23 stock from Emporio Armani. But, what else can we look forward to? Firstly, even more men's underwear is due to go live this year with more colours and designs to choose from. Along with that, Autumn Winter is the time for cuddling up and getting cosy. So, expect lots of Emporio Armani lounge wear such as men's lounge shorts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and pyjamas. You'll find the classic Eagle logo throughout, along with various different logo designs. With sleek designs and expert craftsmanship, this collection is bound to have to wow factor.

What are you most looking forward to from Emporio Armani this year?

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