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Guess T-shirts | Wardrobe fillers for all-year round


Guess t-shirts are a great addition to our online shop here at UNDERU. First, let's take a deep dive into t-shirts as a clothing item. Men's t-shirts are one of those pieces that literally glue outfits together all-year round. They are so versatile. Dress them up, dress them down. You can really style a t-shirt for any occasion. Therefore, t-shirts that you own definitely need to be high-quality, long lasting, and super comfortable. This leads me very well onto the topic of Guess t-shirts.

Guess T-Shirts

So, Guess men's t-shirts here at UNDERU are crafted using a blend of cotton and elastane to give the wearer a super soft and comfortable fit. In fact, the shape of the t-shirts themselves is flattering on the body and fits beautifully. Each t-shirt features the famous Guess logo and branding we all love. Some subtle and some not. Take your pick. Also, available in convenient and great-value multi-packs. Colours are very important when it comes to essentials like tops. This is because you really want to get the most out of that piece of clothing. Luckily, we stock a great selection of essential colours.

Bang for your buck

While, we love a deal it is important to consider sustainability when buying clothes. The question is, will that £2.00 t-shirt from Primark last as long as Guess men's t-shirt costing £22.00 (now on sale for less)? The answer is most definitely no. Though it may be more cost effective for you in the short term, it may not be cost effective in the long term. Guess t-shirts, along with many other tops here at UNDERU, use high-quality fabrication that really lasts a lifetime. The last thing you want is a t-shirt that becomes faded after a year's use. Not only will that tarnish your vibrant summer outfit, but it may force you to buy another top. When washed according to the provided instructions on each Guess garment, the quality does not let you down year after year after year.

A picture of a model wearing a Guess t-shirts

Clothing at UNDERU

Next, how can you style a t-shirt? The list is genuinely endless. But, my favourite options are as follows. A pair of comfy lounge shorts or joggers dressed with a white, black or grey t-shirt. An absolute classic chill-day outfit. Or, jeans with a t-shirt and blazer for that effortless classy look. Or, how about some tailored trousers with a t-shirt tucked in, paired with a chain round the neck and your go-to sunglasses. Smart casual. Guess t-shirts are suitable for any outfit you like. They also pair perfectly with our Guess swim shorts range. Have a look at the range HERE. More to be added for Autumn/Winter 2021 soon!

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