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In case you missed it it is competition time here at UNDERU. National Give Something Away Day is fast approaching. In fact, there is only 5 days to go. Therefore, the closing of our Happy Socks single socks competition is almost coming to an end. So, don't forget to enter before it's too late. Whether you want to win for yourself or win for a loved one, you might as well give it a go. And, with 5 socks up for grabs you really have the most chance to win out of all our competitions so far. In addition, with 3 different ways to enter you'll really be in it to win it!

Happy Socks Single Socks at UNDERU

It is safe to say we hold an extensive range of Happy Socks Single Socks here at UNDERU. With possibly every design under the sun. At least for now. Happy Socks have a super creative team behind them and manage to effortlessly come up with new and creative designs every single season. Thus, your sock drawer will never be boring when you wear Happy Socks socks.

Happy Socks single socks are made using super soft combed cotton. "Cotton is a natural fabric made from cotton plant seedpods, and it is grown all over the world. Combed cotton comes from the same plant, but it undergoes an additional step during manufacturing to make it softer, stronger and smoother than regular cotton." Consequently, our Happy Socks socks are all soft on the skin, they last a long time, and they feel super smooth. Luxury socks to say the least. In addition, when these socks are washed according to the instructions the colour will remain vibrant and the sock itself will remain high quality.

A snippet of our Happy Socks singles.

Happy Socks socks Screenshot

As you can see our Happy Socks socks come in so many fun designs. Happy Socks do not mess around when it comes to using colour. Within our collection you will find all sorts of themes. For example, The Beatles, Disney, space, animals, vintage, and so many more. Within these themes you'll see various sock details such as glitter, embroidery and fluff. These cool details take your average sock to the next level.

Don't forget to enter our competition for a chance to win a Happy Socks single sock of your choice!

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