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Spotlight on Drake & Hutch Underwear


Drake & Hutch underwear was founded as a celebration of British style, humour and heritage, crafted from the finest British tailoring techniques, with the finest raw materials.

Established in London by a collective of tailors with the aim of creating affordable everyday essentials made with the same quality and attention to detail found in a bespoke suit. Drake & Hutch blend modern fabrics with contemporary British design.
Drake & Hutch Underwear was born out of a passion for beautifully made clothing and a love of all things Blighty. The aim was simple; to create high quality, great fitting underwear that boasts a personality as strong as those who wear it.  If I may say so myself, I think we’ve done a rather good job.” Peter McGuinness – Founder.
Drake & Hutch Underwear

Peter McGuiness has a background in men’s formal wear garment design, specifically tailoring, shirting and ties and it’s from there that Drake & Hutch take those principles and the skills that Peter learnt along the way and then add their own sense of quirky personality and classic style. Each garment and print is designed by hand and I’m sure you will agree, they stand out from most men's underwear designs.
"I took some of the tie print designs I had been working on (which had been rejected by my boss for being “too wild”) and set about creating an underwear brand with a strong British style and sense of humour, a brand that really stood out from the crowd. In a way underwear is unique in that it’s one of the few items of clothing you wear (or most do) every day, but will only be seen by those you wish to show them to. The result being, people can have fun with their underwear, demonstrate a different side of their own personality underneath their every day clothes. I have always felt it is these subtle hints of character that really make unique style."

Our capsule collection of Drake & Hutch boxers encompasses the brands unique style and prints.  Our favourites include the pink canine & stag print boxers, perfect if you are looking to add a touch of quirkiness to your underwear draw.

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