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Calvin Klein Men's Pants for AW22. Now reduced at!


Calvin Klein AW22 has arrived online...

It’s that time of the year when we dust off our satchels and sharpen our pencils and embrace the new season with open arms.  Even after all these years we still find ourselves with that back to school mentality come Autumn, and clearing out our underwear draws has become a seasonal pursuit…enter Calvin Klein Men's Pants.

Last weekend while throwing out yet more grey tinged boxers I realised the only pairs of boxers that survived the cull were my favourite Calvin Klein men’s boxers.  While we aren’t advocating spending money you don’t have, spending a few extra pounds on men’s underwear, where the fit and quality of the material are paramount, will pay dividends in the long run.  We’re talking a cut that’s both comfortable and flattering and a design that is timeless.  One of the brands that cover all those bases is the iconic Calvin Klein men’s underwear.

3 Reasons We Love Calvin Klein Men's Pants

  1. The fabric composition is the best on the market: The cotton and elastane mix (95%/5%) makes Calvin Klein boxers the most comfortable underwear; whether you’re sweating it out at the gym or sitting at a desk, they won’t rub or chaff. The generous amount of elastane is stretchy without feeling like you’re wearing compression shorts but helps the fabric feel softer than pure cotton alone.
  2. They’re super comfortable……Calvin Klein’s men’s boxers come equipped with the softest waistband that doesn’t itch or dig in so they sit perfectly on the waist all day. They are supportive around the pouch in a way that emphasizes your manhood but doesn’t make you look like a male stripper.
  3. They stay up: With years and years of experience Calvin Klein men’s boxers have been designed to above all stay up. You would assume that in 2017 the problem of your unmentionables falling down wouldn’t be an issue, but oh how wrong you would be. Buy cheap at your peril chaps…

So there you have it.  Put down those shrink-wrapped eight-pack of value boxers and make way for the good stuff; your private’s will thank you.

To help you on your way to owning the ultimate men’s underwear capsule wardrobe, are offering 10% off Calvin Klein men’s underwear all this week with code ck10.

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