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Comfyballs Re-Stock


Your favourite Comfyballs underwear is back in stock. Just in time for Spring. Comfyballs men's underwear is one of those things worth bragging about over and over again. And, that's not just us. Comfyballs customer around the globe just can't keep their mouths shut abolut the truly exceptional feel of this underwear. Whether you're a boxer trunk, or boxer brief kind of man, Comfyballs underwear will change your life for good. Also, we are happy to announce that a selection of brand new colours/patterns are due to arrive just before summer. Thus, keep your eyes peeled!

"Your balls will thank you..." - Comfyballs

While designer men's underwear can be comfortable, it really can't be as comfortable as Comfyballs men's underwear. I mean, it's literally in the name. The brand have taken comfort to a superior level by developing and testing underwear designs for decades. Fabrications have been crafted to the highest quality to offer you the best experience you didn't even know you could experience. The shape and fit is unlike any pants on the market. To put it simply. Your balls really will feel fantastic. Why waste your time on anything else? I can guarantee that you will fall head over heels for Comfyballs the minute you slide on those stretchy, soft, and figure hugging pants. Unless of course you're a man who hates the feeling of your balls sitting on a soft cloud.

The UNDERU Collection

Here at UNDERU we support you and your balls by hand picking a solid collection of Comfyballs men's boxer trunks and boxer briefs. Find a range of colour choices including classic blacks and blues, as well as daring oranges and reds. All Comfyballs underwear is topped with a super stretchy waistband and interlinked branding. As mentioned above we have a whole new selection of colours coming your way for summer. Choose from cotton stretch fabrication or go wild and pick the performance trunk - specially designed to enhance your performance.

What exactly makes this brand so unique?

Comfyballs underwear is tailored using flat-lock seams. The use of super soft oeko-tex certified fabrics provides you with superior comfort and breathability. Each pair of pants incorporate their own PackageFront (TM) unique design, for ultimate comfort by reducing heat transfer and restricting movement. This is why men love these pants so much. The PackageFront is designed to keep your 'equipment' in place. So many companies forget this! While being lifted away from the inside of your thighs, the PackageFront design prevents unnecessary heating. Curved panels and elasticated fabric provides ultimate comfort. The stretch fabric also ensures that the PackageFront will fit all sizes. Come on. How good does that sound?

Comfyballs Men's underwear stock image.

I've said it before, and I will say it again. Comfortable underwear can change your life! This statement might sound a bit crazy. But, think about it. You won't be able to excel at your sport if all you can think of is your chafing balls. Nor can you work to your fullest abilities in the office when you keep having to adjust down their. Comfort is the key to productivity, confidence, and overall life improvement. No more chafing, no more over heating, and no more mistreating your "equipment". Try this underwear out and you'll see... Browse our newly replenished Comfyballs range today!

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