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Paul Smith Men’s Loungewear


Paul Smith men’s loungewear at UNDERU is the perfect choice for winding down after a busy week. Lounge season is fast approaching. Therefore, now is the best time to stock up on some loungewear essentials to get your through the rest of your year. Whether you need some new lounge shorts, lounge joggers, or a new t-shirt, Paul Smith have what you need. Paul Smith is a wonderful English brand that focuses on creating high quality luxury pieces that are timeless. You'll find their famous Paul Smith Artist Stripes throughout their men’s loungewear collection as well as script logos and intricate branding details.

Below we present to you staple pieces by Paul Smith that will make lounging around the house feel even better. There's nothing quite like slipping into cosy Paul Smith men's loungewear to get you relaxed. When you look good, you feel good.

Paul Smith Men’s Loungewear at UNDERU

Lounge Shorts

Explore our Paul Smith Lounge Shorts. Men's lounge shorts are an absolute necessity. While we are transitioning between seasons you won't want to wear warm joggers all the time. Thus, a pair of men’s Paul Smith loungewear shorts are the next best thing. Do you prefer a drawstring waist or a super stretchy thick waistband? Luckily for you we have both options available. As you can see below, our Paul Smith men's loungewear shorts feature excellent brand details and are fabricated in a comfortable jersey cotton material. The perfect softness. In fact, these are so soft you could even wear them as pyjamas. Currently available in black or navy and shaped to perfection sitting perfectly on or above the knee (depending on your height!).

Paul Smith Men’s Loungewear Jogging Bottoms

Explore our Paul Smith Jogging Bottoms. When you do fancy getting a bit warmer during those chillier days, Paul Smith Joggers are a fab choice. Find superb artist stripe details across the range along with lovely branding details. Some of our Paul Smith men’s loungewear jogging bottoms are super cosy with a fleece lined interior. Like slipping your legs into a cosy blanket. Our most recent addition in navy blue features a stretchy branded waistband along with jersey cotton material for a lightweight option. Therefore, this one is definitely a Summer to Autumn essential! In addition, most of our Paul Smith joggers are shaped beautifully in a flattering cuffed leg design. However, you'll find the newest edition in a comfortable relaxed leg design for that extra breathability and ease of movement. Thus, another great pyjama option if preferred.


Explore our Paul Smith men's T-Shirts. A go-to option for so many men out there. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to aboard the Paul Smith essentials wagon. That's right, all of our Paul Smith men's t-shirts are part of their essentials collection. Therefore, these great t-shirts will be re-stocked again and again and again. Thus, a t-shirt brand to rely on! Our men's Paul Smith t-shirts are a men’s loungewear must. However, they are also a year-round must. No wardrobe is complete without some basic t-shirts that you can wear over and over again. So, you really can't go wrong.
Our Paul Smith t-shirts are found in classic colour ways that go with absolutely everything such as black, grey, white, and navy. In addition, the simple and discrete branding makes these t-shirts timeless and very easy to wear. As you can see below, these t-shirts are available in great value 3-packs so you don't have to shop around for long to refresh your t-shirt collection. Each one is fabricated in super soft 100% cotton for natural breathability and comfort.

Hoodies & Jumpers

Explore our impressive premium Paul Smith Hoodies & Jumpers. These jumpers and hoodies are the perfect topper to your favourite outfit. Whether you are lounging around or out and about, these will do the trick. Each one is styled to perfection with fantastic branding details. As you can see below, each feature the famous Paul Smith artist stripe in one way or another. The jumpers are fleeced lined for a super soft feel on the skin. Thus keeping you nice and warm on cooler days. The perfect Autumn / Summer evening jumper. While the hoodie is crafted in jersey cotton for a lightweight option.
As well as that, the zip up hoodie seen below pairs up beautifully with the matching lounge shorts seen earlier in this post. So, simply pick out your choice of Paul Smith t-shirt, pop on the lounge shorts and the matching hoodie for an easy breezy Summer outfit. Or, for a comfy Sunday TV day. You can't go wrong in Paul Smith men’s loungewear.

A premium collection that is definitely worth the spend. You really can feel the difference in quality with a brand like Paul Smith because no details are missed. It is high quality materials with expert manufacturing and a keen eye for detail that makes Paul Smith worth it. Therefore, explore our Paul Smith men’s loungewear collection today and let us know what you think!

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