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So it looks like we will be spending the foreseeable future in our Men's Loungewear. While we are about to embark on lockdown two, we thought it might be time to think about upping our game in the loungewear department. During the first lockdown we realised that not only does getting dressed help us professionally, but also mentally. This time around we are going to keep our loungewear just as comfy, but just that little more smart.

We are lucky enough to have so many of our designers featuring wonderful Men's Loungewear this season; with an emphasis truly on comfort and style. Armani always feature some of the most chic loungewear on the market. Their neutral colour pallet means each of their designs are interchangeable; and that they can be mistaken for daywear (which is perfect for those work Zoom calls!). Armani's signature bold logos always pack a punch and show that you mean business, even if it's from your kitchen table. Hugo Boss on the other hand are more understated, with their discreet logos and branding. This Hugo Boss tracksuit will not only work for ultimate lockdown loungewear; but should you need to answer the door for the Amazon driver, you won't look like you're in your pyjamas.

Men's Loungewear

Our Bjorn Borg grey marl tracksuit is perhaps one of the most versatile sets of loungewear we have. Team it with some of our men's designer t-shirts and you have a lockdown outfit that will take you from Sainsbury's to the gym (when it opens again of course!).

Men's Loungewear

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