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Bjorn Borg Men's T-Shirts


Is there any garment more appropriate for Summer than a t-shirt? Generally, t-shirts are a year-round staple. In fact, they are the most versatile and wearable item in existence. Possibly. Have you ever met a man that doesn't wear a t-shirt? Well, we love t-shirts here at UNDERU. And, it is especially exciting to introduce to you our brand new Bjorn Borg men's t-shirts collection. This new range is adding to our impressive Bjorn Borg t-shirt collection that contains many many t-shirts suitable for any occasion.

A model image of our new Bjorn Borg men's t-shirt. Black.

Bjorn Borg Men's T-Shirts Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Active T-Shirts

Whether you need to add a new breathable t-shirt to your gym outfit, or a soft and cosy cotton t-shirt to your everyday outfits, Bjorn Borg will always have you covered. So, whats new? Summer 2022 active wear involves bright blue shades and large logos. Taking a fun approach, these men's t-shirts feature bold logos on the sleeves. Each t-shirt is designed to be perfect for when you are active. Allowing you to feel your absolute best this Summer plying your favourite sports like tennis, or hitting it hard in the gym. Bjorn Borg men's t-shirts are unbelievably smooth on the skin while wicking your sweat into oblivion due to the polyester blend fabrication. In turn, you will feel cooler and drier. Now available in an impressive multipack, presented well in a neat box, perfect for gifting.

Everyday T-Shirts

Of course, active t-shirts aren't everyone's cup of tea. The brand Bjorn Borg know their target audience like the back of their hands. Basic t-shirts can never go a miss when launching a men's Summer collection. Pick from gloriously simple cotton blend t-shirts that provide you everything you need in a top. You don't have to get fancy with a t-shirt. After all, a t-shirt is a t-shirt at the end of the day. But, because of its simplicity, it has to be done with fineness and a high attention to detail. We think that the shape is very important when picking a t-shirt. It should hug you in the right places, the sleeves should be the perfect length, and the fabrics should be high quality and long-lasting. Luckily for you, Bjorn Borg hit the nail on the head with all of the above points. Simplicity done impeccably well.

Bjorn Borg: The Brand

Established in the mid 1980's, Bjorn Borg is an international fashion underwear and swimwear designer with it's "Centre Court" in Stockholm, Sweden, influenced by one of the greatest tennis players of all time. The brand’s daring use of colour and prints has ensured it has remained firmly in the public eye ever since.

All of our Bjorn Borg men's t-shirts pair absolutely perfectly with our collection of Bjorn Borg men's joggers and our Bjorn Borg men's shorts collection. Honesty, what's easier than a matching fit for summer? It looks like you put in all the effort when really it was thrown on as fast as a flash. Discover our whole Bjorn Borg range today!

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