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Hugo Boss: Its development over the decades

Lets take it back to 1924..

Hugo Ferdinand Boss founded his own clothing company which is commonly known as HUGO BOSS today. This company featured staple general purpose clothing items such as shirts and jackets. Eventually, this lead to a broader range including raincoats, work clothing and sportswear. As we all know the brand Hugo Boss is now hugely popular for its casual sportswear.

During the 1930's the Hugo Boss company boomed. With the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany there was a spiking growth in sales. Interestingly, Hugo Boss was an active member of the party whilst also producing the Nazi uniforms. This started before he even became a member and continued all the way through until his death in 1948.

Later that decade, in 1938, when the country started to remilitarize there was a storm of popularity for Hugo Boss wear. In turn, this forced the need of mass production to supply for both the Nazi Party and the armed forces. Since, this was during an era very different to mine and yours today, the company's solution to their lack of workers was slavery. Boss compelled the labour of people in concentration camps so that there was enough stock being made. Once the war was over, rest assured, he was fined for his involvement.

Hugo Boss today...

Not so long ago, the company Hugo Boss made a personal statement explaining their deepest apologies for the maltreatment of forced workers during World War II. Fortunately, the brand did not need to apologise for their astounding use of sophisticated tailoring and huge array of collections which has been carried throughout the years. The brand continues to prevail in the market supplying sleek luxury fashion and accessories to men all around the world. The brand's main production in 2020 include suits, smart-casual clothing, swimwear and accessories. It is safe to say that the slavery has been completely abolished.


By using pleasing to the eye colours and casual, comfortable but high quality tailoring designs, their pieces are extremely favoured by many people. The brand, as they did back in 1924, makes sure to keep all the items perfectly suitable for their customers. Find yours today here at

The most recent range of Hugo Boss wear is the Spring/Summer 2020 range. This particular collection features eye catching bursts of orange, yellow and blue. Supplying simple flip flops, sliders and swimming shorts with tracksuit shorts, socks and vests. As always, the high quality materials and intricate designing keeps you looking polished.

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