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Hanro Underwear | Get that Luxury feel you've always wanted.


Switch it up? Be better? Level up? Maybe it is time to take your underwear game to the next level. Hanro underwear is calling your name. Generally, most menin this world have a boring or outdated underwear collection. Why? Because most men like to get the most out of what they already have. Although, what this causes is a ton of missing out. Unforgettable support, super long lasting stretch, gorgeous colour designs. Some men I know still wear underwear they bought 10 years ago. Yes, you heard that right 10 years ago. I am not saying this is wrong by any means I am simply stating the facts that your junk is entitled to better undies.

Hanro Underwear - The Hanro Brand

Hanro underwear started being made over a century ago. In fact, the brand was founded back in 1884 in Switzerland by Albert Handschin. He started by forming a knitwear factory along with a man called Carl Ronus in the Swiss town of Liestal. By combining the two founder's names together the brand's famous name Hanro was born. Hanro has a vast and rich history in crafting incredible quality underwear using pioneering techniques. The brand moulds its innovation to the current trends and needs of women and men in the current period. So much so that their brand is still highly popular today making trendy underwear with Hanro's adored luxury twist.

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Hanro at UNDERU

With over a century of expertise to draw on, Hanro knows a thing or two about producing the highest quality underwear in styles that men want and need. We have carefully selected the best Hanro styles and designs for you to choose from. The brand's underwear is known mostly for its consistent combination of extreme comfort and ultimate style detailing. In fact, each piece of Hanro underwear is crafted from natural fibres and stretch fabrics, creating affordable luxury with the perfect fit. Here at UNDERU we are proud to offer our customers a whole lot of choice. From Hanro men's boxer trunks, to Hanro boxer shorts and Hanro men's briefs. Therefore, the range is really suited to meet the needs of any man.

Since 2020 Hanro have started to include the use of innovative fabrics that are more sustainable and eco-friendly. So, you can look forward to these new products in their ranges to come! As you can see there is a lot of underwear styles available. All of which feature glorious fabrication. In fact, there are many different fabrics available for you to choose from. While some are boastfully soft, others are super stretchy or breathable. Also, Hanro underwear is packed full of classic solid colours as well as bright colours and patterns. Hanro really know how to make a good pair of pants. Take a browse here for more...

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Find above our most recent additions to our Hanro underwear collection

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