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Gay Pride Underwear

Glitter? (check), short shorts? (check), tank top? (check), gay pride underwear? (look no further)...

With pride month about to kick off at the beginning of June, and Taiwan becoming the first country in Asia to legalise same sex marriage; there is no better time to go all out with your pride underwear choices and celebrate this special month.

Every gay man should have at least one pair of gay pride underwear in his drawer. Why wouldn’t he? Maybe you are the kind of guy who’s out and proud, yet too reserved to go full rainbow. Lucky for you, not all pairs of gay pride underwear are all that “rainbow.” Most brands that release pride collections give them rainbow touches, and that’s it. For some this is enough. But if your pride look involves shorts, a tank top, and a healthy dose of glitter, you’re gonna want more colour, and maybe even less fabric...

One of our favourite collections has to be Diesel's iconic rainbow logo.  Again there are different levels of how "rainbow" you want to go, their 3-pack of boxers, two in black and one rainbow print, enable you to dip your toe into the look. If you prefer something slightly less discreet - their rainbow pack of jockstraps is about as rainbow as it gets.

Gay Pride Underwear

If you would rather make a statement without any gimmicks, HOM's classic plume boxer trunks are designed to be invisible under clothing, so work well if your outfit hasn't too much fabric.  The Ferrari red is always a stand-out colour, and will work when pride month is over too.

Pride month celebration underwear

If print is more your thing, Versace's baroque collection gives a subtle nod to pride and it's heritage, plus these really will last season after season, so great with sustainability in mind.

Calvin Klein Pride Collection

Finally, trust Calvin Klein to find a subtle way to do rainbow brights.  Their new pride collection features 5 colours representing the pride flag, in either a 5-pack of boxer trunks or jockstraps.

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