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Baseball Caps & Bucket Hats


We are in the midst of a heatwave here in the UK and it’s safe to say that wearing baseball caps or bucket hats is a priority right now. With temperatures soaring above 30°C it’s definitely hat weather. In fact, without a hat on outside you are bound to get heat stroke! Thus, take a sensible approach and grab yourself a new baseball cap or bucket hat. We have a fantastic range of caps and hats to choose from here at UNDERU. Also, with some discounted over 50% off it would be silly not to check them out!

Why do we need to wear a baseball cap or bucket hat in the sun?

I’m sure you’ve heard before that heat escapes out of our head. So, why is it that we need to wear a hat during peak Summer? Surely that’s going to make things worse. In fact, baseball caps and bucket hats are designed to let heat escape. They are made using naturally breathable fabrics. Also, most designs have open metal eyelet holes to help prevent overheating even more.
But, why is it important that we wear a hat? A baseball cap or bucket hat stops the harsh sun’s rays from hitting our head directly. This prevents direct contact with the skin on your head. Not only does this keep you cooler, but it also makes sure your scalp doesn’t get sun burnt. We’ve all been there, and boy does that hurt! As well as the scalp, your face gets shaded when wearing a cap, This protects your eyes from UV rays too. Plus, a bucket hat features a bill all around the head. Consequently, this protects your face and back from sun burn.

Therefore, wearing your choice of baseball caps and bucket hats will do you a huge favour in extreme heat such as the heat wave this September. So, why not check out our great selection of caps here at UNDERU and protect that head of yours!

Here's a sneak peak of our men's baseball caps and bucket hats collection...

Baseball Caps & Bucket Hats at UNDERU

Explore our great collection of caps here at UNDERU. Find a selection below that will keep you nice and cool. Explore an array of colours and designs. Generally, these baseball caps and bucket hats are designed to last you a lifetime. Thus, a brilliant purchase to make. Especially the ones that are on sale!

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