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Apres Swim Shorts | New-In Sustainable Swim Shorts at UNDERU


Apres swim shorts are an absolute must this summer. You know you need a new pair of swim shorts. But, I bet you did not know Apres would be the brand for you. The use of funky prints and fun colours, Apres men's swim shorts really take the spotlight.

Why do you need Apres Swim Shorts?

Hey, you may not even know who or what "Apres" is. If this is the case I must admit it is a shame that you have been missing out on such a good brand for so long. Truly, I feel for you. But, miss out no more! I will gladly fill you in on all the details you've been missing out on. So, where do I start? Firstly, the brand Apres was launched by a group of friends who grew up around the beaches of the Mediterranean. These friends wanted to make a positive change to the fashion industry, one garment at a time. Each pair of Apres swim shorts is designed to embody the flavour of the Med and its culture. Offering premium quality, comfort, simplicity and style, all pitched at a great mid-range price.

The Apres Swim Shorts goal is for the world to be more sustainable. This is a diagram to show sustainability.
Read more about sustainability - HERE

Apres + Sustainability

In fact, every product developed by the brand uses recycled materials. Their aim is to help make your wardrobe more ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly. We are so in love with the Apres goal. Did you know that the global fashion industry is currently estimated to contribute 10% of global greenhouse gasses and 20% of global waste water. In addition, a whopping 85% of the clothes we throw away each year end up in landfill. Isn't this data heartbreaking. Luckily there are more and more brands doing their bit to help our planet have a better future. Apres use materials and methods during their manufacturing process that cause significantly less damage to the environment as well as protecting the people making the clothes.

Spring/Summer 2021 Apres Swim Shorts Collection
SS21 Collection

Above you can see a snippet of our new-in Spring/Summer range for 2021. As you can see the Apres brand is full of colour and the collection features a series of fun prints, including dancing girls and swimming pigs!! Each pair of Apres swim shorts feature hand-cut tailored pockets, a button-fastening back pocket, metallic drawstring eyelets, elasticated drawstring waist, and an inner soft mesh lining brief support for comfort. Cut in a peachy feel fabrication, these swim shorts are both quick-drying and lightweight. Thus, why not give this new collection a browse and CLICK HERE TO BROWSE!

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