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Derek Rose Menswear - A Deluxe Collection


Ever felt like you should be living luxury. You see people every day on social media just soaking up the benefits of luxury fashion. So, why not join the club by wearing Derek Rose menswear? Derek Rose is the absolute epitome of luxury fashion. You can genuinely feel and see the difference. While the price tag is hiked up to a premium level, as is the quality.

From my perspective, someone who can't afford luxury like Derek Rose, I can safely say that this brand is worth the spend. Unique designs, luxurious fabrications, and impeccable attention to detail. You really can see the difference. Ans, it's not just me! Since stocking Derek Rose, our customers haven't had a bad word to say! With the consistency of high quality Derek Rose menswear it's easy to see why.

Who is Derek Rose? What menswear do we sell?

Derek Rose menswear has been a fantastic addition to our online store. Customers keep coming back for more and more. Around since 1926, Derek Rose has finetuned top quality manufacturers, top quality materials and glorious designing that remains relevant. The Derek Rose brand is all about aiding those moments in life that are most important to us. Their clothing and underwear designs begin with the skeleton. Ensuring that the base design is absolutely perfect before thinking about making it beautiful. With comfort as its main focus to help you feel your best during down time. Of course, once that base design is up to scratch, Derek Rose don't mess about when it comes to fabrications and use ot pattern and colour. Every single product in their collections not only feel luxury, but look luxury too. With wearable and stylish designs throughout.

At UNDERU we felt it necessary to bring on such a "high-end" brand because we agree with their statements that free time is important and wearing pieces that enhance that makes those moments that much better. Therefore, let's take a closer look at our Derek Rose menswear collection that is currently available.

Derek Rose Underwear

Feeling your best starts with your choice of underwear. Whether its for every day wear or for relaxing at home in your undies, Derek Rose men's underwear will have you looking your best. With a mix of Derek Rose boxer trunks, boxer shorts, and briefs, there is bound to be a design for you. Across our Derek Rose underwear range you'll find luxury patterns with navy blue as the focus colour. In addition, premium brands such as Derek Rose often keep their logos on the down low. Therefore, find very discrete tonal logos around the elasticated waistbands. See our newest edition detailed below.

Derek Rose Mens boxer trunks
DEREK ROSE Jack Pima Cotton Stretch Geo Print Boxer Trunk, Navy/turquoise
Code: 25210


The above Derek Rose boxer trunk features a stunning geometric design in navy blue and turquoise. A stunning addition to our underwear range.


Next, Derek Rose swimwear at UNDERU is one of the most premium swimwear collections that we sell. With 3 styles still available it's not one to be missed. Each pair of Derek Rose men's swim shorts comes witha handy carry bag. This comes in very useful on the go. So what makes Derek Rose swim shorts worth the price? Similarly to their underwear and clothing collections you can see and feel the difference in quality. Not only is the attention to detail exceptional, but as is the fabrication and fit. You'll truly feel like a million bucks in these.

Crafted using a quick-dry pre-washed polyamide for a buttery soft feel. The swim shorts feel very luxurious. Featuring arawstring-tie, elasticated waistband, with branded metal drawstring aglets, with matching metal eyelets at the back for easy air and water drainage. As well as, a seamless inner mesh lining to provide extra comfort and support, 2 side pockets and a mesh-lined back pocket with a pin-lock zip that locks into place when flat to help keep your valuables secure when on the move. Along with all these great features you'll also find that the patterns and colour choices are lovely too.

Derek Rose swim shorts for men
DEREK ROSE Bondi Stripes Swim Shorts, Blue
Code: 21316

Was £155.00 - NOW £77.50 (50% off)

Derek Rose Clothing

Derek Rose focuses on providing you with comfortable luxury pieces for when you want to relax. So, our collection wouldn't be complete without some Derek Rose Pyjamas and loungewear. Therefore, you'll find premium Derek Rose t-shirts available in lots of colours. As well as, Derek Rose shorts, shirts, and hoodies.

Our loungewear collection also includes some staple Derek Rose pyjamas and a premium velour bathrobe. Perfect for gifting!

Each piece in our Derek Rose clothing collection features expert precision and is crafted using noticeably luxurious fabrications. You'll find very discrete logos or none at all as well as premium Derek Rose detailing that takes pieces from one level to another. The price tag on Derek Rose products makes these pieces an investment for a lot of people. But, an investment worth making. Derek Rose has been designing luxury menswear for a long time. And, their beautiful products are made to last a really long time too. So, as we always promote here at UNDERU, buy better now and save in the long run.

It's impossible not to appreciate Derek Rose pieces as well as Derek Rose as a brand. We hope you love their mission as much as we do and we hope you find a few Derek Rose products to add to your collection this Summer. If you ever have any questions about a piece please do not hesitate to contact us at, we'll be more than happy to assist you!

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