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Men's baseball cap | Why you should be adding one to your wardrobe...

When was the men’s baseball cap invented?

Out of no surprise, this type of hat was invented as a sun visor to wear whilst playing baseball. The men's baseball cap was derived from earlier hats that were popular in the late 19th century. Such as the “deerstalker”. As you can see below this is a funny looking hat which was composed of two stiff visors and was typically worn during hunting. Subsequently, this type of hat became widely noticed due to its association with Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes wearing a deerstalker hat - the headwear which helped to inspire the making of a men's baseball cap

In fact, men’s baseball caps also became popular due to celebrity wear. Did you know that the first ever baseball caps were made out of wool and a leather bill? Whereas, now they tend to be made out of a soft cotton cap and stiff visor. After men’s baseball caps were worn exclusively by baseball players in the mid- to late-19th century they swiftly took their fashion on to the streets. Without a doubt, a men’s baseball cap has a timeless nature to it. After the huge boom of social media use in the 21st century the cap had officially entered the wardrobes of people from all over the world. Today, the hat is most commonly worn for the following reasons:

  • Showing support for a team – e.g. a sports team
  • Making a fashion statement – e.g. celebrity style
  • Trying to get a message across – such as “Make America Great Again” hats worn by Trump supporters

A baseball cap can be worn by everyone...

Undoubtedly, men’s baseball caps were vaunted for their role in shading faces from the sun, for both men and women. However, the reason for the growth in its popularity was because of so much more. The baseball cap was and still is worn by high status celebrities such as Rihanna and it is often found being worn in films such as Tom Cruise in Top Gun which helped to make the hat more mainstream. Frequently, celebrities wear a baseball cap to shade their face away from all of the paparazzi and sometimes it is even worn sideways or backwards as a fashion statement. Think back to the rappers during the 2000s.

Here you can see Jay-Z rocking the sideways baseball cap accompanied by his wife Beyoncé

Will this type of hat always be fashionable?

How can it not?.. To this day people are wearing caps to every occasion. Going to the gym? Wear a baseball cap. Hungover? Baseball cap. Going somewhere hot? Take a baseball cap. Bad hair day? Cover it with a baseball cap. Good hair day? Wear a baseball cap anyway. It is easy to say that a men’s baseball cap can really compliment an outfit taking it from good to great. The wonderful thing about baseball caps is that they are open for all ages and available in many different colours.

Take Robert De Niro for example at the age of 72 wearing a men’s baseball cap to cover some unwanted balding.

Robert De Niro on TODAY

Or... The great Hugh Jackman who gets very frequently spotted by paparazzi wearing a cap whilst running errands or exercising.

Hugh Jackman on a coffee run

Or… Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas both rocking a baseball cap as their accessory.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

What type of men's baseball caps are available?

Since this type of hat has grown in likeability over the years, it has also been designed by thousands of brands including all sorts of features. Many hands of designers have been busy creating the ‘perfect cap’. This was done by harnessing on-trend modern taste with the use of block colours and a lick of the simplistic look. It should be noted that you can find your own men’s baseball cap to wear for any occasion here at

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