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Bjorn Borg Underwear: A Rather Extraordinary Man

Are you ready to be impressed?

Some people are good at cooking. Some people are good at singing. Some people are good at running. How about being so good at tennis that you beat all of Sweden’s top junior players at just 13 years of age.

Before the internet was even invented Bjorn Borg had won 41 singles matches and 5 championships in a row, a record that had never been previously set. Thus, Roger Federer would be shaking. Now THAT would be an intense game to watch. Both players have won the Wimbledon Singles Championship five successive times. But… Bjorn Borg did it first. I wonder who would win.

Would you watch that match?

Although, these continuous winnings cannot last forever. And so, they did not. In January 1983 Bjorn Borg abruptly announced his retirement from professional tennis. Indeed, even tennis legends can lose interest in their hobby. You’ll see in a bit why this was an outstanding decision for the man. He took a good break drifting his consciousness into the world of business. And in the same year of having his name showered all over the International Tennis Hall of Fame he created his own sports-apparel venture. The Bjorn Borg Design Group. Unfortunately, only two years later the business sank, as deep as the UK now, in financial crisis.

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What did he do next?

Life should never get you down forever. Leap over those hurdles and get yourself back up. And that’s exactly what Bjorn Borg did. Not only did he leap over that hurdle, he flew. Borg literally changed the history of men’s underwear. He founded a successful sportswear company in the early 1990s and developed a bold and brilliant underwear range. He designed 17 pieces, stitched together with flat lock seams to create the ultimate fit. Consequently, men were enchanted by the comfortable fit of these pants and they just HAD to get a pair.

As the years went on Bjorn Borg Underwear was prevailing the market for its practical and colourful designs acing his competitors just as he did on the court.

Where is Bjorn Borg now?

To this day Bjorn Borg remains strongly in the market, selling wonderful pieces to suit the needs of men all over the world. Keeping his legacy ticking…

Here are some of my favourite Bjorn Borg items which you can find on our page:

Geo Flag Print Boxer Trunk, Green/multi

CODE: 17890

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Such a unique design with such striking use of colour

  • Multicolour Logo Print Performance Boxer Brief, White/Multi

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Slick with a burst of brightness - an easy way to spice up your wardrobe.

A powerful inspiration such as the legend Bjorn Borg is especially important to think about during times like these. Even though almost every single one of us is getting knocked down in one way or another, there is still hope for us all.

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