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What are the main differences between Calvin Klein boxers and Calvin Klein trunks?


Calvin Klein Boxers

When Calvin Klein launched his label in New York in 1968, selling coats from a hotel lobby, he likely never imagined his underwear line would achieve cult status. From the iconic Mark Wahlberg campaigns in the 1990s to recent ads featuring Justin Bieber and Lara Stone, Calvin Klein underwear has consistently led the market in design and innovation.

Known for their provocative campaigns—remember the 1980 ad with a 15-year-old Brooke Shields?—the brand's designs have remained remarkably consistent, showcasing their timeless appeal. If you're looking for classic pieces that still pack a punch, Calvin Klein men's underwear is the perfect choice.

At UNDERU, we pride ourselves on recognizing quality underwear. When a pair meets our extensive criteria, you can be confident they're exceptional. One of the main questions we get asked is, what is the main differences between Calvin Klein boxers and Calvin Klein trunks?

So here you go. These are the main differences between Calvin Klein boxers and Calvin Klein Trunks...

Calvin Klein Boxers

  1. Design and Fit:
    • Loose Fit: Boxers are generally loose-fitting, providing more room around the legs.
    • Longer Leg Length: They typically have a longer leg length, extending down the thigh.
    • Elastic Waistband: Features a comfortable elastic waistband.
  2. Comfort and Use:
    • High Breathability: The loose fit allows for better airflow, making them more breathable.
    • Relaxed Fit: Ideal for lounging, sleeping, and casual wear.
    • Less Support: Provides minimal support compared to trunks.
  3. Fabric:
    • Variety of Fabrics: Available in various materials like cotton, silk, and microfiber.

Calvin Klein Trunks

  1. Design and Fit:
    • Snug Fit: Trunks have a close-fitting design that hugs the body.
    • Shorter Leg Length: They have a shorter leg length, stopping at the upper thigh.
    • Contoured Pouch: Often includes a contoured pouch for added support and comfort.
  2. Comfort and Use:
    • Enhanced Support: Offers better support, making them suitable for active wear and sports.
    • Minimal Bunching: Designed to prevent bunching up under clothing, providing a smooth silhouette.
    • Versatility: Suitable for everyday wear, especially under fitted pants and jeans.
  3. Fabric:
    • Stretch Fabrics: Commonly made from stretchy materials like spandex or elastane blends, allowing for greater flexibility and mobility.


  • Boxers: Loose-fitting, breathable, longer in length, ideal for comfort and casual wear.
  • Trunks: Snug-fitting, supportive, shorter in length, suitable for active wear and under fitted clothing.

Your choice between Calvin Klein boxers and trunks will depend on your personal preferences and specific needs, such as the level of support you require and the types of activities you plan to engage in while wearing them.

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