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Men’s T-Shirts at UnderU

The humble t-shirt is having a moment.  With a move to the minimal Scandinavian look and an emphasis on quality over quantity, a well cut men’s t-shirt is going to be one of the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe.  These are a few of our favourites but view our whole collection here.

We love this Hugo Boss men’s t-shirt for it’s super flattering fit.  The narrow neckline that adds a formal feel to an otherwise sporty look.

Navy Hugo Boss Mens Tshirt | UnderU

This D&G men’s t-shirt is probably the ultimate white t-shirt.  A high thread count means it’s super soft and it has just the right amount of stretch.

D&G White Mens T-shirt | UnderUThese Emporio Armani v-neck men’s t-shirts look great layered under a cardigan and the v neckline adds a modern feel.

Emporio Armani Mens Tshirt | UnderU

Here’s how we will be styling ours!

Mens Designer Tshirts styles at UnderU

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