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Men’s Baseball Cap | The necessities you need for summer 2021

Take a look at the past couple of weeks. We have seen rain, shine, snow, hail and everything in between. While that’s typical England for you, I see sun in the near future! Whether you have one already or not. Now is the time to be buying a new men’s baseball cap. Not only is it important for protection from the sun. But, it is also an essential accessory to take your summer fit to the next level. Men’s Baseball Caps at Here at UnderU we take great care... Read More

Men’s baseball cap | Why you should be adding one to your wardrobe…

When was the men’s baseball cap invented? Out of no surprise, this type of hat was invented as a sun visor to wear whilst playing baseball. The men’s baseball cap was derived from earlier hats that were popular in the late 19th century. Such as the “deerstalker”. As you can see below this is a funny looking hat which was composed of two stiff visors and was typically worn during hunting. Subsequently, this type of hat became widely noticed due to its association with Sherlock Holmes. In fact, men’s baseball... Read More