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Paul Smith Men’s Socks | Luxury Socks + Gift Ideas

Paul Smith Men’s Socks are one of our favourites here at UnderU. We fell absolutely in love with the brand many years ago and clearly our customers have too. Their sock shape and feel is incredible. The sock designs, colours and patterns are simply stunning. Luckily for you, we have hand picked a great selection from the leading English designer Paul Smith men’s sock range that our customers are loving. Paul Smith Socks are famous for their signature “Multi-Stripe” and “Artist Stripe” designs, but there are a whole host of fun designs... Read More


Versace Socks | UnderU | Why are luxury socks on the market?

Luxury socks have been around forever now and Versace socks are definitely luxury. In fact, prestigious and world famous high-end brands have been making mounds of luxury socks to pair with their existing clothing and accessories collections. Maybe it is so that you can wear the brand from head-to-toe. Or, its so that you can pair the socks with your brand new shoes to showcase their gorgeous sock designs. Versace Socks at UnderU Here at UnderU we have carefully selected a beautiful range of Versace Socks. We think you will... Read More


Happy Socks Monty Python| Spice up your sock drawer

Happy Socks do it again with another incredible collection. Happy Socks Monty Python style. These socks are undeniably brilliant and if you loved the TV show you will giggle at the sight of these goofy socks. “There are a great many people in the country today, who through no fault of their own, are sane.” – Monty Python’s Flying Circus Monty Python were a British surreal comedy troupe who created the sketch comedy television show Monty Python’s Flying Circus. This show first aired on the BBC in 1969 and over... Read More

Versace Men's Socks 15/12/2020

Versace men’s socks: A style symbol in their own right?

Versace men’s socks are fast becoming one of our favourite ways to wear the cult designer. Once socks were just that, socks. Then in the early 2000s, novelty socks became popular. They were adorned with rainbows or animals and showed the world you weren’t a boring type of guy. Then they became somewhat un-cool (were they ever cool?!); more of a “boring Uncle at Christmas” kind of trend, something we all want to avoid. Once socks were just that, socks. Then in the early 2000s, novelty socks became popular. They... Read More

Men's Socks 22/11/2019

Men’s Socks. Stuck what to buy him for Christmas? Look no further…

Men’s Socks. Is there a better present for the guy that has everything? Most of the men I know wouldn’t ever consider buying themselves a pair of socks, and will gladly wait until Christmas to sock up (sorry!). Over the last few years Men’s Socks have become not just a necessity, but a stand-alone fashion statement. Just look a brands like Happy Socks who recently sold their business for 76 million euros. Socks are big business in 2019 guys. Here at UnderU we know socks, with over 20 years experience,... Read More

Happy Socks Advent Calendar 21/11/2019

Happy Socks Advent Calendar Competition

Win THE Men’s Socks Advent Calendar of 2019… Our Happy Socks Advent Calendar has flown out the door this year, and we aren’t surprised. Adult Advent Calendars are fast becoming a huge trend each Christmas. Gone are the days when you opened a cardboard picture of Father Christmas, now there are a whole host of amazing ways to count down to the big day. For anyone that loves men’s socks the Happy Socks Advent Calendar is a must. With 24 separate little draws, each labelled from 1-24, there is a... Read More

Polo Ralph Lauren Socks 13/11/2019

Odd Sock Day 2019. Buy your Mismatched Men’s Socks…

WHAT IS ODD SOCKS DAY? Odd Socks Day forms part of Anti-Bullying Week. It is a chance to celebrate that we are all unique. Simply wear your odd socks on Tuesday 12th November. Millions of children and adults will be taking part across the country. Our Polo Ralph Lauren socks are perfect for Odd Sock Day, they have a cute bear on one and a classic Ralph Lauren crest on the other – the best kind of mismatched socks. Calvin Klein Socks have a fantastic sock offering this season, they... Read More

Father's Day 2019 Socks 06/06/2019

Father’s Day 2019 – Top 10 sock gift sets for your Dad

The gift that every Dad wants to receive for Father’s Day 2019…socks! Our top 10 sock gift sets for your Dad It’s a well known fact that once a man becomes a Father, something genetically changes and he absolutely loves to receive a pair of socks for any celebration. So the one day in the year when your Dad should be King (aka Father’s Day), there is only one gift you need think of…yes that’s right…socks. Gone are the days when Men’s socks were a bit of a ‘blah’ present,... Read More

Calvin Klein Socks 03/05/2017

Introducing Calvin Klein Socks

Adding a little lux to everyday with Calvin Klein socks… Okay so men’s socks are hardly the most exciting subject but when they are Calvin Klein socks we’ll make the exception.  Possibly the most overlooked item in your wardrobe, socks needn’t be boring.  We have a huge selection of men’s socks here at UnderU and consider ourselves pretty clued up on the pros and cons of each style and designer.  We love Calvin Klein for their classic colour palette and toned down patterns (much like their underwear).  If loud block colours... Read More

gant men's socks 23/08/2016

So many Socks! Why not browse our latest summer mens sock brands today

Men’s Socks & Men’s Designer Socks The older I get, the more I appreciate a new pair of socks.  There is something so rejuvenating about stepping into a brand new pair, an instant mood lifter if you like.  While most of us may not be able to have a new pair each day, if you buy a quality pair such as Calvin Klein mens socks then they will stay looking and feeling new for months.    Our current favourite men’s designer socks include; Gant men’s socks, Levi’s socks and Calvin Klein socks.... Read More