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Calvin Klein men's Undwerwear 09/10/2017

Choose Calvin Klein Men’s underwear, because you’re worth it…

AW17 Calvin Klein Men’s underwear has arrived… It’s that time of the year when we dust off our satchels and sharpen our pencils and embrace the new season with open arms.  Even after all these years we still find ourselves with that back to school mentality come Autumn, and clearing out our underwear draws has become a seasonal pursuit…enter Calvin Klein men’s underwear. Last weekend while throwing out yet more grey tinged boxers I realised the only pairs of boxers that survived the cull were my favourite Calvin Klein men’s boxers.  While... Read More

Calvin Klein men's Undwerwear 10/05/2017

Calvin Klein Underwear vs Ageism

Calvin Klein underwear proves age is nothing but a number… An advert for Calvin Klein underwear featuring 73-year-old Lauren Hutton looks set to reignite the debate about ageism.  A hot topic in the Fashion industry.  The minute-long promo sees the American Gigolo star modelling lingerie alongside the likes of Kirsten Dunst and Rashida Jones.  Vogue praised the ad, directed by Sofia Coppola, for proving “there’s no age limit to being an underwear model”. Yet other outlets have taken issue with Hutton’s fleeting appearance.  “Her screen time is a fraction of... Read More

Calvin Klein Socks 03/05/2017

Introducing Calvin Klein Socks

Adding a little lux to everyday with Calvin Klein socks… Okay so men’s socks are hardly the most exciting subject but when they are Calvin Klein socks we’ll make the exception.  Possibly the most overlooked item in your wardrobe, socks needn’t be boring.  We have a huge selection of men’s socks here at UnderU and consider ourselves pretty clued up on the pros and cons of each style and designer.  We love Calvin Klein for their classic colour palette and toned down patterns (much like their underwear).  If loud block colours... Read More

calvin klein men's underwear 08/12/2016

Why Women Are Buying Men’s Underwear?

A recent study by underwear giant M&S claim about half of their men’s underwear is actually bought by women, with some increasingly close to out-buying them. The British retailer claim half of their men’s underwear is currently bought by women, and while it’s impossible to ascertain how many of these are women purchasing for partners/parents and how many for themselves, the retail chain says it “does suggest that men’s underwear is a common consideration for women irrespective of whether or not they are wearing it themselves”. Without jumping to conclusions while... Read More

top 10 sexiest female underwear models 18/10/2016
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10 Sexiest female underwear models

Last time we featured the worlds sexiest male underwear models, so it’s only fair we feature the ladies too. Only when you actually research this subject do you realise just how many hot female underwear models there are, and I mean seriously hot.  So feast your eyes on this; our top 10 sexiest female underwear models… 1, Gisele Bündchen One of the last real supermodels Gisele Bündchen has modelled for designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and walked the prestigious Victoria’s Secret runway, where she sported the costliest fantasy bra... Read More

Calvin Klein Boxers 11/10/2016

Calvin Klein Underwear

The ultimate in classic men’s underwear, introducing our AW16 Calvin Klein underwear collection. If we could only fill our underwear draw with one item only it would be Calvin Klein boxers, they are our desert island underwear if you will.  The instantly recognisable brand  produce iconic, timeless and most importantly wearable underwear season after season.  They manage to seamlessly cover every age bracket while still being ‘current’, something that most brands could only dream of.  We are rather pleased with our offering for AW16, we have the usual suspects; the... Read More

calvin klein boxers 02/08/2016
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Men’s Underwear that the girls can borrow from the boys

Men’s Underwear For The Girls Come on boys, you all know how sexy it is when your girl borrows your clothes.  Be it your favourite men’s pyjamas shirt, those Calvin Klein boxers that she seems to look sexier in than you ever could, or even a pair of your men’s designer socks on a cold Winter night. Us girls all do it, and it now seems to be one of the biggest trends of 2016.  Calvin Klein underwear has always had a unisex essence to it’s collection, their men’s underwear styles being just... Read More

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UnderU’s top selection of Men’s Underwear

With Summer holiday season in full swing, we thought it would be the perfect time to show you what men’s underwear has been flying out of UnderU towers, ready to be worn in all manor of exotic destinations (we aren’t jealous one bit!).  Ralph Lauren underwear, Emporio Armani underwear and Calvin Klein underwear are three of our most popular men’s underwear labels and their Summer collections have been fantastic this year. Men’s Underwear – Our Top Selections Polo Ralph Lauren underwear always create some of the best staple men’s underwear out there.... Read More


Calvin Klein Underwear

Calvin Klein Underwear SS16 Collection Well apparently it’s the first day of Summer today and in true British Summer style it’s pouring with rain (and we mean pouring!) So to cheer you all up we thought we would show you some of our Calvin Klein Underwear that has just arrived on site, plus some old favourites.  Our Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear selection is one of the most comprehensive online.  We always have their go to Calvin Klein boxers, that no underwear draw should be without, plus a few trend styles that brighten up... Read More

Calvin Klein Swimwear SS16 - UnderU 27/03/2016

Calvin Klein men’s swimwear Spring Summer ’16 Collection – UnderU

Fizzing off’s web pages this month is the latest men’s swimwear collection from Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein men’s swimwear – all about the logo this season Over the past few seasons, the designers at Calvin Klein have been revisiting previously popular styles, whilst looking for inspiration to launch the next generation of designs. I have to say that I want to visit the place where those designers did their brainstorming, as the result is a capsule collection of men’s swimwear that really befits the brand. Calvin Klein men’s swimwear is all about the... Read More