Brand Spotlight


Joop! New at UnderU | Not Just Amazing Fragrances

Joop! became a designer label back in 1986 by German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop in Hamburg, Germany. You may already know the brand because of their globally famous fragrance range. However, the brand carries its excellence through their clothing range too. The brand gained worldwide recognition when they developed the first pink fragrance for men. Since then the brand has continued to thrive in both the fashion industry and the fragrance industry. Joop at UnderU – Underwear Joop underwear at UnderU includes all the essentials. Available in handy multipacks. Each... Read More


Bill and Brandon Men’s Underwear| Staples to get this summer

Breathable, supportive and flattering. These are the three main features of a good pair of mens briefs. Luckily for you Bill and Brandon men’s underwear is most known for their briefs. A man’s brief needs to be comfortable otherwise what is the point? I think you will love our Bill and Brandon men’s brief range because it is truly stunning. In fact, their briefs are a best seller and there’s a great reason for that. Bill and Brandon Men’s Underwear at UnderU – Briefs Bill and Brandon have really cracked... Read More


Calvin Klein | The Best CK Top Sellers Here at UnderU

No one likes to miss out. Especially when you could be missing out on worldwide favourites. Calvin Klein is a super popular brand here at UnderU. In fact, they might just be our most popular brand to date. There is definitely a reason for this. The brand has been growing in popularity every since its birth in 1968. Generally, the range available is amazing for replacing basics or jazzing up your boring basics. You can really find both ends of the spectrum here at UnderU. Calvin Klein Top Picks After... Read More


Bill and Brandon | Feel Super Sexy For Spring 2021

Bill and Brandon. We have spoken about this brand before and we are speaking about them again. Why? Because it just needs to be heard that Bill and Brandon underwear is going to become your new favourite underwear this spring. This new range contains a great selection of pants so you will be able to find the best pick for you. Are you trying to feel sexy, suggestive, or saucy? Luckily, this new brand is a great new offering for you to feel all three depending on what mood you... Read More


Bill and Brandon Underwear | New-In at UnderU for Spring/Summer21

A new brand? Say what… We are extremely excited to talk about the new brand being introduced this month. If you are sick and tired of uncomfortable pants that constantly need adjusting. Or, if your current underwear drawer is looking a bit worse for wear. Then Bill and Brandon underwear will definitely be a great new pick for you. Bill and Brandon Underwear Who is Bill and Brandon? You must be living under a rock if you have not yet heard of this fabulous new brand. After being founded in... Read More


Muchachomalo Underwear | New brand launch at UnderU

Now, it is time to get excited. We know that we are. This is a brand launch that we have been dying to launch and the time is finally here. Muchachomalo underwear is most famous in the Netherlands but it has been expanding its audience for years. So, we are proud to be able to provide them to our customers here in the UK and our international customers. What is Muchachomalo Underwear like? Muchachomalo underwear here at UnderU was created by the hands of real artists. The artistic punch smothered... Read More


DKNY Boxer Trunks | NEW IN at UnderU Get yours now!

DKNY Boxer Trunks are an absolute classic. Boxer trunks are designed with a longer leg than your typical brief to offer some extra support and comfort. In fact, the leg length reduces chafing and it is designed to stay down. The elasticated waistband is there to keep your pants up whilst showcasing the wonderful brand that you are wearing. Fabrication of boxer trunks often use a cotton blend so that the undies are super stretchy. The stretch is for that much need support as well as offering you a very... Read More


Tommy Hilfiger Boxers | Hilfiger’s place in the world of fashion.

Tommy Hilfiger boxers, briefs and trunks are a huge part of our underwear range here at UnderU. Hilfiger merges classic colours, high quality materials and expert designs to form underwear collections that always blow your socks off. “We’re about color, we’re about preppy, we’re about classic, we’re about America!” – Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger Boxers Our collection of Tommy boxers found here at UnderU are designed to perfection. They are made using a lovely blend of premium fabrics to make them soft to the touch, stretchy, supportive, and best of... Read More


Happy Socks Disney | How did Disney take over the world?

Happy Socks and Disney partner once again to bring us all a stunning new collection of exciting socks. These socks celebrate the famous Disney characters whilst using Happy Socks’ exhilarating use of colour. So, why is Disney such a legendary brand? Whilst Walt Disney passed away in 1966 his brand still lives on and on. The company Disney is now worth over 171 billion pounds. How crazy is that? As we know, Disney started as a a mass media company called “The Walt Disney Company”. In fact, they started making... Read More


Calvin Klein Underwear | The Leaders of the Underwear Industry

Men’s underwear may not be the most exciting thing to think about. But, thankfully Calvin Klein underwear does the thinking for you. So, why is this the most sought-after men’s underwear brand on the market? Calvin Klein Underwear History Calvin Klein was founded all the way back in 1968 by Calvin Klein and his business partner Barry Schwartz. Later, Klein was described as “the supreme master of minimalism” when he appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine. The underwear is designed to be practical, suitable for the wearer and often... Read More