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Happy Socks that will ROCK YOUR WORLD | Queen

Happy Socks as we know it does not disappoint when trying to bring some excitement into your mundane sock drawer. However, I bet you did not know that you could be wearing Happy Socks QUEEN right now. Happy Socks have designed this collection with meticulous details, stunning colours and extraordinary prints. You can get your hands on our boastful collection by visiting our online store – UnderU Boredom is the biggest disease in the world, darling. Freddie Mercury Who is Queen? In case you live under a rock, here is... Read More


Replay Shirts | Fundamental Tips To Do Casual In Style

REPLAY Shirts… Who designed them? Where did they come from? How can you get some? Here at UnderU we offer a huge collection of REPLAY casual wear that will crank your style up a notch. We are advocates for dressing up or down pieces of clothing to get the most wear out of them. Not only does it save money, but it also gives your clothes the spotlight it deserves. Replay Clothing | Where did it come from? Before we talk about Replay we must introduce the brains behind the... Read More


HOM Underwear | A comfy and colourful style for 2021

HOM is a popular brand born in Southern France, 1968. The brand puts of deep focus on the needs of its wearers. Each piece of HOM underwear, clothing, pyjamas and swimwear is designed with care and created with specific details to maximize comfort and durability. What is HOM? HOM underwear and the rest of their collection here at UnderU holds its French origin by boasting its classy and masculine designs. In fact, this brand is most known for focusing on the intricate details needed to make underwear and clothing comfortable... Read More

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MSGM Underwear | Boost Your Basics here at UnderU

It is the end of a hard year and starting your spring cleaning early for 2021 may be the best thing you can do. Not only is it a great way to improve your life but it also sets a positive tone for the rest of the year. A wardrobe clear-out may not sound like the most fun activity to complete. But, with all the extra time we all have now, what are you waiting for? MSGM underwear may be just what you need. “Fashion is the armour to survive... Read More

SAXX Underwear – My Green Pants |Plastic Bank Charity Boxer Brief

SAXX Underwear did what??? Yes Sir/Madam. We love to hear when more and more brands start taking part in helping our planet. It is no secret that it is well overdue for us to be fixing the huge environmental issues that our planet is facing. In fact, the future of our world relies on people making changes like the changes made by SAXX. You can join in by doing your part! Every little does help. In this case, SAXX Underwear have joined forces with the Plastic Bank Charity to boost... Read More

TOMMY HILFIGER Underwear and more | NEW! Spring Summer 2020

Tommy Hilfiger have really done it this time – they never disappoint. Find on our website the whole new Tommy Hilfiger Underwear, Swimwear, Tracksuits, T-Shirts, Accessories & Kids range for Spring/Summer 2020. We have been working with the brand Tommy Hilfiger for years and years due to their outstanding approach at apparel. Famous for their blue, red and white combos they have taken a step into the deep end with a whole sea of new colours and prints. Underwear Tommy Hilfiger have kept to their roots with their new... Read More


FRANKS|Print Swim Shorts: It is time to make a change this summer

Before we talk about print swim shorts we must start at the beginning. Global warming You may be wondering how print swim shorts have any relation to this topic. Please bare with me – I promise that its worth the read. Unfortunately, the increase in environmental damage is continuing to peak as we speak. Luckily, people are becoming more and more aware of the destruction that humans are having on the environment. Undoubtedly, you have all found out one way or another that the global impact on the Earth’s environment... Read More


BOSS Underwear & Swimwear Spring Summer ’20 | New-in BOSS

The promise of brighter days are on their way, as we welcome our brand new SS20 BOSS swimwear & underwear collection. We are so excited to share with you the fresh new styles and essential pieces now available for getting out and about . Find below a snippet of the new-in bits and bobs that you can finally get your hands on… BOSS Underwear Starting off with their new underwear range: Is it obvious for me to say that these pants are designed for support, comfort and breathability? Because BOSS... Read More

Swimwear – Then and Now – What has changed?

Has swimwear always been around? The short answer is NO. How did we go from bathing in the buff to underwear to swimwear…? Swimming in the nude sounds pretty freeing to me.. Why do people even bother with swimwear? Well, there are actually no rules outlawing skinny dipping here in the UK. However, it is often frowned upon in society. If you choose to let yourself loose you could find yourself flaunting indecency exposure or public decency laws and end up getting arrested. Therefore, if a member of the public... Read More

HUGO underwear x Liam Payne: An Inside Look At His Celebrity Style.

“I think I would define my style as quite laid back and just things that go together quite simply rather than over complicating things and detracting away from yourself.” – Liam Payne during HUGO underwear interview 2020 Is your wardrobe starting to look dated? Does Liam’s statement sound like your fashion sense? Pieces in our HUGO underwear range could be the essential staples that you are missing in your wardrobe. If you are looking to find, modernize or simplify your signature look, it is time for you to hu-GO and... Read More