Interview with Oiler & Boiler’s Sales Director, Holly Watkins

Yesterday, our Chief Buyer Holly got the chance to meet up with another Holly, Holly Watkins, who is the Sales Director for up-and-coming underwear and swimwear brand, Oiler & Boiler. During their meeting, Holly asked about Oiler & Boiler’s latest collection, what directions the brand is developing in, and what they see as their core customer base. Extracts from their discussion are below:


What is the inspiration behind Oiler & Boiler’s 2013 Quarter 1 range?

“The collection is based on the theme of 1950’s Miami. With a lush summer evoking a colour palette of tropical florals and Hawaiian style prints, the range truly encompasses a relaxed ‘seaside glamour’ vibe. The abstract etchings of David Hockney’s famous pop art creations formed the perfect inspiration for some of the key directional prints and colour combinations.”


What would you say is the key piece for the season, and why?

“The colour palette for Spring is fresh, crisp and vibrant with tones of cool blues, blushed pinks and sherbet lemon yellows. Our key pieces really encompass the relaxed vibes and pastel hues that reflect our ‘Miami seaside glamour’ theme. The ‘Tropical Floral’ and ‘Palm’ prints are a direct representation of the inspiration behind the collection, perfectly showcasing our interpretation of 1950’s Hawaiian tropics with an abstract nod to the classically cool David Hockney pop art prints.”


What is Oiler & Boiler’s most popular shape and style?

“For underwear, our multipacks are the most popular style. Customers love the assortment of bold colours and prints offered at great value prices. For swimwear, the plain colours in the ‘shortie’ length have overtaken our classic swim short. It’s a new take on a more modern swim style, an easy-fit shape in a variety of summer bright shades. Our East Hampton swim short is also emerging as one of our strongest shapes. It is inspired by 1950’s design so has a really quirky retro feel about it – a great alterative to your traditional casual men’s swim short.”


Who do you see as Oiler & Boiler’s core customer?

“In truth, it’s difficult to pinpoint as the brand has grown so substantially in its customer base over the last year. The latest range itself caters for a variety of tastes, ranging from bright and quirky novelty prints to plain, classic colours in traditional styles. The vintage retro feel of the brand lends itself well to a preppy, stylish consumer whilst the easy styles and great prices make the brand accessible and appealing to a wider market.


Oiler & Boiler has always represented a fun and eccentric approach to design at great value prices. What ways are you looking to evolve the brand?

“Oiler & Boiler is fast growing with increasing stockists emerging across Europe and the US. As we develop we are honing in on our most popular emerging categories of which men’s swimwear, long johns and woven boxer shorts are key. We feel we present a unique point of difference by offering these basic shapes in a variety of bold colours and imaginative prints, which is where we aim to grow the business in future. We are also expanding our t-shirt and lounge wear ranges so watch this space for some perfect alternatives for casual style in vibrant, colourful prints.”



Thank you to both Holly’s, and I hope you found the above insight into the Oiler & Boiler brand interesting.

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