Interview with Bjorn Borg UK Marketing Manager, Holly Brookes

Last week, our Chief Buyer and part-time intrepid reporter Holly met up with yet another Holly, this time Holly Brookes, who is the UK Marketing Manager for Bjorn Borg, the international men’s underwear and swimwear brand. The two Holly’s (or is it Hollies for such a gathering?!) talked about the latest Bjorn Borg collection, what the brand really stands for, and who Bjorn Borg’s core customer is, extracts below:


What is the inspiration behind the Spring Summer 2013 (“SS13”) Q1 range?

“Street art is the inspiration behind the range, with the underwear being graffiti-inspired rather than buildings and walls!!”


What would you say is the key piece for the season and why? Is there any specific media to support this i.e. images, videos or PR articles?

“The ‘Party Pants’ is our campaign piece for both men and women and features in the SS13 imagery. Here, we took the bad pick-up line, ‘There’s a party in my pants and you are invited’, and we have quite literally made a spring special called ‘Party Pants’!! In this special party, men’s underwear consumers will have a chance to win a full VIP treatment at an exclusive Bjorn Borg party in London in September 2013. In addition, we have developed the Bjorn Borg Heritage Collection, where the classic gentleman will find a little something for himself in this collection. It is a crazy combination of classic gentleman smoking rooms and Bjorn Borg’s trademark modern use of colours.”


What is Bjorn Borg’s most popular shape and style?

“We only really sell the men’s boxer [trunk] in the UK as this is by far the most popular style, however we are introducing the brief in crazy prints so it is younger and cheekier which is starting to be picked up.”


What would you say is Bjorn Borg’s unique selling point?

“Our bright colours and crazy vibrant prints. Definitely. No other men’s underwear brand is really doing this in the UK at the moment and we do it without affecting the quality. Our prints stay bright and don’t lose emphasis after one wash.”


Who do you see as Bjorn Borg’s core customer?

“18-25 is our core customer – the young guy and girl that want fashionable underwear. We offer a product that’s fun and cheeky, telling people something about our consumer when you see it popping out from underneath clothing.”


Bjorn Borg has always represented a unique and fun approach to design at great value prices. What ways are you looking to evolve the brand?

“Our design team are always out travelling and visiting shows, drawing inspiration from trends and experiences.”


Do you have any exciting advertising campaigns in the pipeline you can tell us about?

“For AW13 we have collaborated with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation who work on raising awareness and combating HIV and Aids globally. Together we have created the ‘Get It On’ men’s pant which stay’s true to the Bjorn Borg cheeky spirit whilst having a poignant message.”



Thank you to Holly Number One, and thank you to Holly Number Two, and good luck with the AW13 Bjorn Borg MTV campaign.

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