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Hanro boxer shorts 03/08/2020

Hanro boxer shorts: The men’s underwear of choice for 2020

Hanro boxer shorts have the philosophy that less is more. In fact for the whole of HANRO of Switzerland, understatement is both a fundamental value and a claim. Less, but only the best of everything – this is how the brand can also be characterised. Care in every detail: the high quality of the materials used, the perfection of the cut, the care in the processing and the elegance of the pieces. For Hanro, feeling completely comfortable in your own skin means true luxury. This has made HANRO so unique... Read More

boss starfish swim shorts 20/07/2020
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BOSS swim shorts competition – win any pair of Hugo Boss of your choice

BOSS swim shorts are a firm favourite at UnderU, and are consistently featured in our top 5 swim shorts brands every week. We believe we have the large range of BOSS swimwear anywhere in the UK, and we currently stock a massive range of 48 different styles (and that does not even include our 15-strong range of HUGO swimwear)… please let us know if you anywhere with a better range than us!! To help highlight our range, we are running a free competition for you to win any pair of... Read More

HUGO underwear x Liam Payne: An Inside Look At His Celebrity Style.

“I think I would define my style as quite laid back and just things that go together quite simply rather than over complicating things and detracting away from yourself.” – Liam Payne during HUGO underwear interview 2020 Is your wardrobe starting to look dated? Does Liam’s statement sound like your fashion sense? Pieces in our HUGO underwear range could be the essential staples that you are missing in your wardrobe. If you are looking to find, modernize or simplify your signature look, it is time for you to hu-GO and... Read More

Boys Designer Underwear 02/07/2020

Boys Designer Underwear for 2020 from

We started stocking Boys Designer Underwear a few years ago and knew it was a smart move. The market since then the market has gone from strength to strength. Along with designer childrenswear, Boys Designer Underwear is big business. And it should be; new customers are constantly being born and existing ones rapidly grow out of, lose or ruin their favourite clothing. The UK kidswear market was worth £6.3bn in 2019 and is predicted to grow to £6.7bn in 2020, Euromonitor International data indicates. A 2019 report from the market... Read More

Men's Pants 30/06/2020

Men’s Pants: Are Men Really That Pants at Buying Pants?

A report in The Daily Mail this week has found that the average British Male buys new Men’s Pants once every five years. The study concluded that men don’t usually buy pants, generally relying on receiving them as gifts from their partners or parents on special occasions. With some men even hanging onto their perished pants for more than a whopping 20 years! Furthermore, more than two in five of the men surveyed admit that their partner buys their underwear. While more than a third still rely on their Mothers... Read More

Vivienne Westwood Underwear 21/06/2020

Vivienne Westwood Underwear from

We discovered Vivienne Westwood Underwear last year and decided we had to bring it onto the site ASAP. Westwood needs no introduction, her designs are almost a British Institution. Vivienne Westwood Underwear designs are unique in that each design encompasses the brand wholeheartedly. It’s unusual to find such a high-end designer that has paid so much attention to each part of of the design process. From the fabric compositions to the non-roll waistband; each design is exactly what you would expect from such a notorious designer. History of Vivienne Westwood... Read More

Tommy Hilfiger Swimwear for 2020 at

Tommy Hilfiger Swimwear is always a highlight in our men’s swimwear collection. Their designs always symbolise the brand and each piece is distinctive ‘Tommy’. Year on year the brand become more and more popular; constantly reinventing themselves and keeping their designs fresh and current. This season Tommy Hilfiger’s swimwear collection is in their true preppy, college style. Tommy Hilfiger Swimwear History Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands and is internationally recognised for celebrating the essence of classic American cool style. Featuring preppy men’s swimwear designs... Read More

Underwear for Fathers' Day 09/06/2020

Underwear for Fathers’ Day 2020 at

We have plenty of Underwear for Fathers’ Day this year. Happy Socks, Paul Smith and Lacoste have all produced some fun designs that are perfect for your dear Dad. Whether your Dad’s idea of Underwear for Fathers’ Day is colourful socks (hello Happy Socks). Perhaps your Dad is a little more sedate with his choices? (hello Ted Baker); we have something for every special Dad out there. The last few years we have noticed an increase in designers celebrating Fathers’ Day. Some designers are now producing full gift sets, gift... Read More

Pride Underwear 06/06/2020

Pride Underwear for Pride Month 2020 from

Pride underwear is a great fun way to express yourself during the traditional Pride month of June. With so many designers now celebrating Pride with fun colourful designs and always the iconic pride rainbow. Pride is a time of celebration for the LGBT community worldwide. And every year, cities all around the world organise month-long festivities to commemorate and support sexual and gender minorities liberation.  Here at UnderU we always love to see the Pride collections each designer comes up with. Every year they get more and more fun. While... Read More

Milan: The Fashion Capital of the World

Starting off, which cities are fighting for the title of ‘The Fashion Capital of the world’? Milan Paris New York London Which city do you think is the fashion capital? It is really up to personal opinion when deciding which city should take the lead. Lets start with Paris… Paris’s fashion industry, as you probably already know, is a deep-rooted aspect of French culture. As a matter of fact, it proudly dazzled in the spotlight after being the first to recognise clothing as a business. Did the foundation of fashion... Read More