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Milan: The Fashion Capital of the World

Starting off, which cities are fighting for the title of ‘The Fashion Capital of the world’? Milan Paris New York London Which city do you think is the fashion capital? It is really up to personal opinion when deciding which city should take the lead. Lets start with Paris… Paris’s fashion industry, as you probably already know, is a deep-rooted aspect of French culture. As a matter of fact, it proudly dazzled in the spotlight after being the first to recognise clothing as a business. Did the foundation of fashion... Read More

Men's Designer Flip Flops 27/05/2020

Men’s Designer Flip Flops for summer from

Men’s designer flip flops. What were once a purely practical piece of footwear, has now been propelled into a league of it’s own. The humble men’s flip flop is now a fashion piece in their own right. Perhaps it could be the current fashion towards pool slides, which are now more popular than the classic men’s flip flop, especially with the younger consumer. Here at we still love the traditional flip flop, they are more flattering on the foot than pool slides and much more comfortable. This summer season... Read More

Lacoste Men's Swim Shorts 26/05/2020

Lacoste Men’s Swim Shorts at for SS20…

Just arrived online for SS20 are our Lacoste Men’s Swim Shorts. We started working with Lacoste last year and since then brand has gone from strength to strength here at UnderU. Although we can understand why; Lacoste swimwear is classic and sophisticated – perfect for making the everyday that little more special, and don’t we all need at bit of that at the moment? Whether you are on the beach, or, more than likely this year anyway, sunning yourself in the cote d’back garden. Lacoste men’s swimwear will look perfect.... Read More

Hype T-Shirts 13/05/2020

Hype T-Shirts are back. SS20 has already sold out once so be quick!

Hype t-shirts arrived at only a matter of weeks ago and they have already proved so popular. Hype t-shirts are really ‘THE’ go-to look this summer. We are really thrilled to have this new brand on-site, especially with Hype giving back so much during the current COVID-19 epidemic. Hype launched the HYPE CARES foundation to support global charities via creative fashion. Designing and creating clothing is what they do best. So by creating one-off and mini apparel collections four times a year, this enables Hype to give back and... Read More

Hype boys t-shirts 21/04/2020

Hype boys t-shirts; fun, colourful and unique. Shop our boys collection

New to Hype clothing Hype boys t-shirts have, in just under two years, gone from selling printed T-shirts from a bedroom to processing hundreds of website orders a day. They now produce sweatshirts, backpacks, hats and leggings. All stocked in Topman, Topshop, Footasylum and Asos. Worn by everyone from One Direction to DJs. Established in 2011, HYPE. began as a self-funded project. Designing printed clothing and accessories. After winning a t-shirt printing competition, HYPE. had its first batch of stock, which sold out in a matter of hours. With... Read More

Men’s baseball cap | Why you should be adding one to your wardrobe…

When was the men’s baseball cap invented? Out of no surprise, this type of hat was invented as a sun visor to wear whilst playing baseball. The men’s baseball cap was derived from earlier hats that were popular in the late 19th century. Such as the “deerstalker”. As you can see below this is a funny looking hat which was composed of two stiff visors and was typically worn during hunting. Subsequently, this type of hat became widely noticed due to its association with Sherlock Holmes. In fact, men’s baseball... Read More

10 Sexiest Male Underwear Models 07/04/2020

Sexiest Male Underwear Models in the world right now…

We spend a lot of time looking at male models in their underwear, so we have considerable expertise in the new, and old, faces that crop up in each campaign. We have also become fantastic at remembering the campaigns of old, that sometimes catapulted model’s careers. I guess that’s what happens when you have been in the men’s underwear business for the last two decades. Anyway, without further ado, our 10 Sexiest Male Underwear Models in the world. Feast your eyes on this…our 10 Sexiest Male Underwear Models and what... Read More

Hugo Boss: Its development over the decades

Lets take it back to 1924.. Hugo Ferdinand Boss founded his own clothing company which is commonly known as HUGO BOSS today. This company featured staple general purpose clothing items such as shirts and jackets. Eventually, this lead to a broader range including raincoats, work clothing and sportswear. As we all know the brand Hugo Boss is now hugely popular for its casual sportswear. During the 1930’s the Hugo Boss company boomed. With the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany there was a spiking growth in sales. Interestingly, Hugo... Read More


The Rugger Polo Shirt Stripes by GANT at UNDERU.COM

GANT After being founded in 1949 by Bernard Gantmacher, an inspiring international clothing brand was born. GANT have carried their bold use of colour throughout the decades by experimenting, implementing and designing different pieces in their fashion range. In fact, during the 1950s colour explosion the brand GANT truly blossomed. 23 years of creativity later, the absolute classic Rugger Polo Shirt was born. The Polo Shirt The polo shirt was invented in the late 19th century to keep the collars of polo players from flapping in the wind. What a... Read More

Bjorn Borg Underwear: A Rather Extraordinary Man

Are you ready to be impressed? Some people are good at cooking. Some people are good at singing. Some people are good at running. How about being so good at tennis that you beat all of Sweden’s top junior players at just 13 years of age. Before the internet was even invented Bjorn Borg had won 41 singles matches and 5 championships in a row, a record that had never been previously set. Thus, Roger Federer would be shaking. Now THAT would be an intense game to watch. Both players... Read More