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Paul Smith Underwear 07/01/2020

Paul Smith Underwear; The brand to know about…

Paul Smith underwear is making a name for itself, and for all the right reasons. It is often the case that a huge global menswear label, like Paul Smith, forays into underwear with just their name behind them. They might outsource their product and let’s face it, it isn’t quite as good as it should be. This really isn’t the case for Paul Smith underwear, they are quite a recent brand for us. We have been impressed each and every season. Their fabric compositions are fantastic, as if their ethic... Read More

D&G Underwear 17/12/2019

D&G Underwear lovers…Loyalty Offer 25% off Dolce & Gabbana

D&G Underwear really is the ‘King’ of underwear. So it’s no surprise their new branding is just that. Over the years there have been many a famous campaign with D&G boxers in it, and the classic styles have hardly changed much over the years either. Testament to their ethos of luxury men’s underwear. This season Dolce & Gabbana have featured ‘King’ on their new waistband, a bold update that has gone down well with customers. Another stand-out design for 2019 has been their cane print. Their cane print filtered down... Read More

Paul Smith Socks: The Ultimate in luxury from a British Fashion Icon

Paul Smith Socks are probably my favourite of all time, there I said it. I guess in the underwear game having a favourite is like admitting you have a favourite child. Not very appropriate. The great thing about designer socks is that they are an instant and super cheap way of buying into a high-end brand. Especially with a look that is as iconic as Paul Smith. Paul Smith Socks’ iconic multi-stripe and artist stripe are instantly recognisable and a great way of adding some personality to your outfit. Gone... Read More

Christmas Underwear, it’s time to dig out those Christmas pants!

If Christmas jumpers aren’t really your thing, how about Christmas Underwear? It’s probably a much easier way of getting into the Christmas spirit than having Father Christmas emblazoned across your chest. Christmas Underwear actually is the perfect accompaniment to the most wonderful time of the year. The time we can all say ‘f**k it’ it’s Christmas and eat another mince pie, so just *might* be a little heavier than usual. So, bite the bullet, order a size up in one of our wonderful festive prints. Eat, drink and be merry!... Read More

Boys Designer Underwear 29/11/2019

Boy’s Underwear 3-for-2 on all multi-pack orders ALL WEEKEND

Here at UnderU, we have a huge selection of Boy’s Underwear. Whether your little chap prefers Gant, Calvin Klein, or Bjorn Borg we’ve got you covered. Boy’s Underwear is now one of the fastest growing parts of retail. With the trend for matching older siblings and Dads hugely popular, and teen boys getting more and more conscious of what they are wearing, it’s no wonder. What was once a rarely spoken about piece of boy’s clothing, is now a statement piece in itself. We could probably blame Justin Bieber in... Read More

Bjorn Borg Underwear is 3-for-2 with our amazing Black Friday promotion

Bjorn Borg Underwear is a firm favourite here at UnderU, it’s often a running joke here that it’s where the fashion industry keeps all its colour. Our collection here at UnderU is an explosion of colours and prints with sporty styles; a fusion that the Bjorn Borg brand has become well known for. Choose from our latest range of Bjorn Borg trunks, underwear and colourful Bjorn Borg swim shorts and add a burst of personality to your wardrobe this season. Whether you’re just looking to update your essentials or if you need a... Read More

Men's Black Underwear 26/11/2019

Men’s Black Underwear. Black Friday is Here, check out our deals…

Black Friday Deals Week… Black Men’s Underwear Day OneCode: BLACK1 20% off all Men’s Black Underwear Combining nostalgia for my own childhood with some great contemporary Black Friday deals, we promise to bring you a whole week of stunning deals and offers at I hope that some of you, like me, were great fans of Jim Bowen’s Sunday evening entertainment show. And if not, well, I hope like that you enjoy the ‘Bully’ graphics!! All week we will be running a series of great one-off deals, so please, take... Read More

Men's Socks 22/11/2019

Men’s Socks. Stuck what to buy him for Christmas? Look no further…

Men’s Socks. Is there a better present for the guy that has everything? Most of the men I know wouldn’t ever consider buying themselves a pair of socks, and will gladly wait until Christmas to sock up (sorry!). Over the last few years Men’s Socks have become not just a necessity, but a stand-alone fashion statement. Just look a brands like Happy Socks who recently sold their business for 76 million euros. Socks are big business in 2019 guys. Here at UnderU we know socks, with over 20 years experience,... Read More

Happy Socks Advent Calendar 21/11/2019

Happy Socks Advent Calendar Competition

Win THE Men’s Socks Advent Calendar of 2019… Our Happy Socks Advent Calendar has flown out the door this year, and we aren’t surprised. Adult Advent Calendars are fast becoming a huge trend each Christmas. Gone are the days when you opened a cardboard picture of Father Christmas, now there are a whole host of amazing ways to count down to the big day. For anyone that loves men’s socks the Happy Socks Advent Calendar is a must. With 24 separate little draws, each labelled from 1-24, there is a... Read More

Polo Ralph Lauren Socks 13/11/2019

Odd Sock Day 2019. Buy your Mismatched Men’s Socks…

WHAT IS ODD SOCKS DAY? Odd Socks Day forms part of Anti-Bullying Week. It is a chance to celebrate that we are all unique. Simply wear your odd socks on Tuesday 12th November. Millions of children and adults will be taking part across the country. Our Polo Ralph Lauren socks are perfect for Odd Sock Day, they have a cute bear on one and a classic Ralph Lauren crest on the other – the best kind of mismatched socks. Calvin Klein Socks have a fantastic sock offering this season, they... Read More