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SAXX Underwear | New prints that will ignite your senses

SAXX boxer briefs are a solid favourite of ours here at UnderU. Our customer are always thrilled with the unique and supportive fit of these boxers. I am sure you already know but in case you do not. Find below three of SAXX boxer briefs trademark qualities. What makes SAXX boxer briefs so great? “My balls feel warm, protected, soft, and most of all, they feel safe.” — Seth “Dude with Sign” Phillips BallPark Pouch™ Designed for contact-free support, this 3D hammock-shaped pouch keeps everything in place. All thanks to... Read More


Replay T-Shirts | New-In Essentials for Spring/Summer 2021

Replay T-shirts here at UnderU have been a staple part of our clothing collection. Replay have crafted a wonderful group of t-shirts that are perfect for use during spring and summer this year. Obviously, t-shirts are an essential part of any wardrobe. Therefore, these can be used throughout the entire year. This makes Replay t-shirts great value for money. And, they look great! What Replay T-shirts are available? Pick your favourite from this season in either red, grey, black, or blue. Replay have spent years polishing their designs ready for... Read More

Bjorn Borg Boxers 25/03/2021

Bjorn Borg Boxers for Spring Summer 2021 at UnderU

Bjorn Borg boxers are a celebration of colour, a fun addition to any men’s underwear draw and one to truly be celebrated! It’s often a running joke in the office that Bjorn Borg boxers are where the fashion industry keeps all its colour! Our SS21 collection is an explosion of botanical prints and tropical hues; a style that the Bjorn Borg brand has become well known for. Bjorn Borg Boxers enable you to choose from the brand’s short trunk style with a huge selection of colours and prints; or something... Read More

Bestselling Men's Underwear Brands UK 2021 UnderU 25/03/2021

Top 12 Men’s Underwear Brands in the UK

Leading underwear website can now reveal the best selling men’s underwear brands in the UK. Based on sales figures for last month, the UK’s best selling underwear for men is Versace, shortly followed by Dolce & Gabbana. And from a quick glance at the below graphic, you can see that the Italian flag dominates the top underwear brands. Golden threads sparkle in no.1 Versace underwear The Versace name simply oozes luxury to everyday looks, and thanks to UnderU’s collection of Versace men’s underwear the ‘fish-&-chips-loving’ British man can elevate... Read More


Paul Smith | Strengthen your slider game this summer!

Paul Smith are well known for their cool colours and patterns. Their footwear uses the same famous details to help you stand out from the crowd. Here at UnderU we offer a wide range of sliders. Also, if sliders are not your favourite then we have a great selection of flip flops to choose from. Thus, find your perfect summer footwear here at UnderU. Paul Smith Footwear Paul Smith love their stripes. In fact, they are famous. PS designed the stripes for just one season. But, due to their popularity... Read More


Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear | Top 5 Picks at UnderU

Classy staples in your wardrobe has got to include Polo Ralph Lauren underwear. We think that its great. Unquestionably, from thousands of great reviews we know that you think its great too. We have a wide selection of essential undies as well as some more unique and fun styles. In fact, Polo Ralph Lauren has been sold by us for years and there’s a good reason for that. What are you looking for? Polo Ralph Lauren underwear is truly a blessing. Are you tired of your tatty white pants and... Read More


BCI Cotton | What is the fashion industry doing to reduce their waste?

The amount of waste that is produced by the fashion industry is a very scary figure. In fact, cotton alone is deemed the most environmentally damaging crop. Thankfully, companies around the globe are becoming more and more environmentally aware. It is disgraceful to only just be seeing the changes implemented. However, a start is better than nothing. So, business have started to use BCI cotton in place of regular cotton. By what is it? BCI Cotton? The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) — a global not-for-profit organisation — is the largest... Read More


Muchachomalo Underwear | New brand launch at UnderU

Now, it is time to get excited. We know that we are. This is a brand launch that we have been dying to launch and the time is finally here. Muchachomalo underwear is most famous in the Netherlands but it has been expanding its audience for years. So, we are proud to be able to provide them to our customers here in the UK and our international customers. What is Muchachomalo Underwear like? Muchachomalo underwear here at UnderU was created by the hands of real artists. The artistic punch smothered... Read More


Versace Socks | UnderU | Why are luxury socks on the market?

Luxury socks have been around forever now and Versace socks are definitely luxury. In fact, prestigious and world famous high-end brands have been making mounds of luxury socks to pair with their existing clothing and accessories collections. Maybe it is so that you can wear the brand from head-to-toe. Or, its so that you can pair the socks with your brand new shoes to showcase their gorgeous sock designs. Versace Socks at UnderU Here at UnderU we have carefully selected a beautiful range of Versace Socks. We think you will... Read More


DKNY Boxer Trunks | NEW IN at UnderU Get yours now!

DKNY Boxer Trunks are an absolute classic. Boxer trunks are designed with a longer leg than your typical brief to offer some extra support and comfort. In fact, the leg length reduces chafing and it is designed to stay down. The elasticated waistband is there to keep your pants up whilst showcasing the wonderful brand that you are wearing. Fabrication of boxer trunks often use a cotton blend so that the undies are super stretchy. The stretch is for that much need support as well as offering you a very... Read More