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top 10 sexiest female underwear models 18/10/2016
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10 Sexiest female underwear models

Last time we featured the worlds sexiest male underwear models, so it's only fair we feature the ladies too. Only when you actually research this subject do you realise just how many hot female underwear models there are, and I mean seriously hot.  So feast your eyes on this; our top 10 sexiest female underwear models... 1, Gisele Bündchen One of the last real supermodels Gisele Bündchen has modelled for designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and walked the prestigious Victoria's Secret runway, where she sported the costliest fantasy bra... Read More

Emporio Armani Underwear_AW16_Blog 12/10/2016

Emporio Armani Underwear – the full Autumn Winter ’16 Collection

The full Emporio Armani Underwear Collection for Autumn Winter ’16 is now available from men’s underwear specialist, UnderU. Just see below!! Emporio Armani underwear – crisp Italian styling at its best Men’s underwear from Emporio Armani is well renowned for its crisp Italian style, and this collection offers fresh colour in the latest designs in a range of premium fabrications. Branding is always prominent in any piece of Emporio Armani underwear, and the Autumn Winter ’16 collection is no different. For me, I am a big fan of the large side eagle logo style, and... Read More

Calvin Klein Boxers 11/10/2016

Calvin Klein Underwear

The ultimate in classic men’s underwear, introducing our AW16 Calvin Klein underwear collection. If we could only fill our underwear draw with one item only it would be Calvin Klein boxers, they are our desert island underwear if you will.  The instantly recognisable brand  produce iconic, timeless and most importantly wearable underwear season after season.  They manage to seamlessly cover every age bracket while still being ‘current’, something that most brands could only dream of.  We are rather pleased with our offering for AW16, we have the usual suspects; the... Read More

Thomas Pink Underwear AW16_Blog 07/10/2016

Thomas Pink Underwear – the Autumn Winter ’16 Collection

The Thomas Pink underwear Autumn Winter ’16 Collection is now available from men’s underwear specialist, UnderU. Thomas Pink underwear – vibrant colours meet plush fabrications Thomas Pink is all about subtle yet striking colours. Classic designs with dashes of striking pink, orange or red. And this season’s Thomas Pink underwear collection is no different. The 3-pack Sloane boxer trunks in black with bright coloured plush waistbands is my favourite, though if I feel on a hot streak then maybe the 3-pack featuring the cards print is what I should go for.

men's swimming shorts 05/10/2016

Our Hottest Men’s Swimwear

Heading out to the Ibiza closing parties? Check out men’s swimwear guide before you go anywhere… If you are lucky enough to be heading out to the Ibiza closing parties this week you will need to make sure your men’s swimwear of choice is up to scratch, it might be known as ‘the’ place to party in Europe, but it’s also one of the most fashion focused destinations too.  Don’t think your old grey men’s swim trunks or your holey men’s swim shorts are going to cut it here amongst the... Read More

Puma men's underwear 05/10/2016

Puma underwear – UnderU’s newest men’s underwear brand

Welcome to our newest underwear and t-shirt brand, Puma, now available to buy at men’s underwear specialist, UnderU. Puma has an amazing sportswear heritage, and whether it is donning a pair of soft leather Puma Kings or watching Usain Bolt race away another 100 metres on your flat-screen, Puma has probably touched your life in some way. And now Puma underwear and t-shirts comes to UnderU. Puma underwear – classic branding, great fit and feel Our initial collection of Puma men’s underwear is full of classic branding and offers great value with all 2-packs available for £17... Read More

Penguin underwear AW16_Blog 03/10/2016

New men’s underwear and socks brand – Original Penguin underwear

Welcome to our newest underwear brand, Original Penguin, now available to buy at men’s underwear specialist, UnderU. As long as you like colour and penguins, and want underwear or socks, then Original Penguin and UnderU is a good combination!! Penguin underwear – who doesn’t like penguins?! Pack a penguin in your pants this week!! Well, I never thought I would be writing that in a professional capacity a few years ago!! Or indeed any capacity. But having taken delivery of our first collection of Penguin underwear and Penguin socks last week I can now vouch... Read More

HOM Underwear AW16 Collection 30/09/2016

HOM Underwear and Men’s Swimwear – the full Autumn Winter ’16 Collection

The full HOM Underwear Autumn Winter ’16 Collection is now available from men’s underwear specialist, UnderU. HOM underwear – luxurious fabrications and sexiness HOM is back and in full swing this Autumn Winter season. Resplendent in luxurious fabrics, the HOM underwear man is a man who likes to impress in his sexy and sometimes skimpy underwear. Premium fabrications and innovative design are right at the heart of this HOM underwear collection. Whether it is the tanga brief style that is your favourite or sheer luxurious fabrications, this range is full of sexy men’s underwear.... Read More

Happy Socks 27/09/2016

Iris Apfel’s Partnership with Happy Socks

  Iris Apfel and Happy Socks A 94-year-old style icon and businesswoman from New York City, Iris Apfel, proves that age is only a number, and there are no limits when it comes to fashion while showcasing her collaboration with Happy Sock. Iris Apfel, interior designer and businesswoman from New York City, launched her own textile firm, Old World Weavers, in 1950 with husband Carl Apfel and took part in nine White House restoration projects throughout the years, asserting an international reputation in interior design. Her incredible, unique sense of... Read More

HOM male push-up underwear 20/09/2016

Introducing the HOM Underwear Plumes Push-Up Boxer

‘HOM IS MORE THAN JUST UNDERWEAR FOR MEN….It’s a bona fide French way of life’ Stylish, independent, quirky but masculine above all, that’s HOM style today – a fashion brand created specifically for men, which is why it is now considered as a specialised brand for the world of men’s underwear and has established itself as a true point of reference.  The look, design, shape, quality and comfort of the products are today well known and acclaimed in men’s underwear collections, such as briefs, hipsters, boxers… but also in men’s... Read More