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Calvin Klein Socks Multipacks | Socks Selections Simplified

While many are focussed on their “new year new me” resolutions (sorry I couldn’t resist), a lot of us are just chugging on how we were before. I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with that. Whether you are starting a new fitness journey, cutting out a bad habit, or changing nothing, we are all setting ourselves up for (hopefully) a better year than the last. Generally, I believe in making some minor improvements/adjustments to make the new year a better one. For example, new socks. Ok, ok, who the... Read More


Calvin Klein men’s socks for Christmas? New-In Autumn/Wimnter 2021

Here we go again! New products are always being delivered to us. The grind never stops and it is great. The brand new Calvin Klein collection for autumn/winter this year has finally reached the station and it is looking absolutely gorgeous. We cannot wait for you to have a look. In this blog post I will be taking you through a quick overview of the new Calvin Klein men’s socks range as well as their new-in underwear. WARNING! Cute packing coming up… Calvin Klein Men’s Socks AW21 Calvin Klein know... Read More


Levi’s Men’s Boxers & Gift Boxes | The perfect Christmas gift

A big statement. I know. The perfect Christmas gift. Can you really ever have a perfect Christmas gift when there are so many different types of people in the world? Well, no. Probably not. But, if your person fits into the sock lover, comfort lover or in need of new underwear category. Then you have struck gold! Levi’s at include a seriously good selection of products which are so perfect for the Christmas season. Brilliant Levi’s men’s boxers that will impress any man. A glorious choice of high quality... Read More


BN3TH Men’s Underwear | Find the comfort you’ve been missing

BN3TH is brand that not enough people know about and it drives me mad. BN3TH is arguably one of the most comfortable underwear brands on the market. Find a seriously good selection here at UnderU. Customers all around the world rave about these pants and there is such a good reason for that. Not only is BN3TH men’s underwear brilliantly supportive and soft, but it is also long-lasting, chafe-free and radically better than all your mainstream undies. While you can get some comfortable undies on the market, BN3TH really took... Read More


Lacoste Men’s Underwear | That Essential Green Crocodile

Lacoste men’s underwear at UnderU doesn’t stop at just men’s pants. We have chosen a lovely range of Lacoste clothing that will be an essential part of your wardrobe. Let’s not forget that famous green crocodile we all love. Find him on every single Lacoste product. In fact, it is worn by hundreds of celebrities including the likes of Will Smith, Ed Westwick, Brooklyn Bechkam, the list goes on. After popular demand our Lacoste essentials collection has had a re-stock. Find basics such as Lacoste underwear, Lacoste t-shirts, Lacoste Briefs,... Read More


Saxx Men’s Underwear | Your favourite essentials are back!

SAXX men’s underwear is growing in popularity every single day. Would you believe that it is even worn by celebrities like Gordan Ramsey. Indeed, he could pick any underwear brand in the world yet he chooses SAXX. And, there’s a reason for that. However, I must remind you that this is not new news. In fact, SAXX have been impressing men around the globe since it all started back in 2006. Since then, the brand has grown like a weed in your patio. Yet, SAXX are one of those weeds... Read More


Karl Lagerfeld Men’s Underwear | BRAND NEW Collection

These are my favourite blog posts to write. New-in stock is always exciting no matter what it is. But, new-in brands are even more exciting to announce. The thrill of introducing new clothes to people knowing that they will absolutely love them is a great feeling. So, what’s new to Karl Lagerfeld has finally arrived at UnderU and is as gorgeous as ever. From Karl Lagerfed men’s underwear, to Karl Lagerfeld me’s t-shirts, to loungewear, to swimwear, we have it all. Deep Dive: Karl Lagerfeld Men’s Underwear Not heard... Read More


Your Autumn Look Book Taken Care Of | UnderU

Autumn. We all know what it’s like. One minute you are freezing cold, the next, you wish you didn’t bring that coat with you. While it can be totally unpredictable, Autumn fashion is one of the best. Layers, cozy accessories, BOOTS, need I say more? We have created an Autumn essential’s list that will make it easy to get yourself ready for the colder months to come. Check out Vogue’s take on this years men’s fashion trends. Autumn Shopping List Beanie Baseball Cap Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Long Sleeve T-Shirt... Read More


Versace Boxers | David Beckham spotted in Versace

Versace boxers. We love them and clearly celebrities do to. Victoria Beckham recently posted a taboo social media post of David Beckham’s behind. The famous booty post presents David laying oh so elegantly in a glorious swimming pool. While making us all jealous of his luxurious lifestyle, we couldn’t help but spot his underwear choice. The Versace Greek style waistband stands out like a sore thumb and we love it. The former professional footballer is a firm lover of the Versace brand and has been spotted numerous times in a... Read More

Jamie Oliver Boxers 10/09/2021

Jamie Oliver Boxers: Turns out he is a huge fan of SAXX boxers!

Jamie Oliver on his boxers ‘It’s like having your b***s cradled by an angel’ Jamie Oliver has revealed that he had ‘a revelation’ and bought all his male staff members SAXX boxers from his new favourite underwear brand. Speaking about the surprising move on Ed Gamble and James Acaster’s Off Menu podcast, the famous chef, 46, likened wearing the brand’s boxers to ‘having your b***s cradled by an angel’. Insisting he had ‘no connection’ with the company. That uses ‘ball park’ technology to ensure wearers maximum comfort. Jamie gushed: ‘If someone... Read More